Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Brendon O’Connell, Greg McCarron & Joseph Davis discuss a congressional bill that lays the foundation of Israel’s Talpiot program into US law, and more.

Resources discussed

S.2497 – United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018



(a) Findings.—Congress makes the following findings:

(1) Authorized in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) supports and coordinates United States Government research in aeronautics, human exploration and operations, science, and space technology.

(2) Established in 1983, the Israel Space Agency (ISA) supports the growth of Israel’s space industry by supporting academic research, technological innovation, and educational activities.

(3) The mutual interest of the United States and Israel in space exploration affords both nations an opportunity to leverage their unique abilities to advance scientific discovery.

(4) In 1996, NASA and the ISA entered into their first agreement outlining areas of mutual cooperation, which remained in force until 2005.

(5) Since 1996, NASA and the ISA have successfully cooperated on many space programs supporting the Global Positioning System and research related to the sun, earth science, and the environment.

(6) The bond between NASA and the ISA was permanently forged on February 1, 2003, with the loss of the crew of STS–107, including Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon.

(7) The United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act Of 2014 (Public Law 113–296) designated Israel as a major strategic partner of the United States.

(8) On October 13, 2015, the United States and Israel signed the Framework Agreement between the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States of America and the Israel Space Agency for Cooperation in Aeronautics and the Exploration and Use of Airspace and Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes.

(b) Continuing Cooperation.—The Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shall continue to work with the Israel Space Agency to identify and cooperatively pursue peaceful space exploration and science initiatives in areas of mutual interest, taking all appropriate measures to protect sensitive information, intellectual property, trade secrets, and economic interests of the United States.


(a) Statement Of Policy.—It should be the policy of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to cooperate with Israel in order to advance common goals across a wide variety of sectors, including energy, agriculture and food security, democracy, human rights and governance, economic growth and trade, education, environment, global health, and water and sanitation.

(b) Memorandum Of Understanding.—The Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development is authorized to enter into memoranda of understanding with Israel in order to advance common goals on energy, agriculture and food security, democracy, human rights and governance, economic growth and trade, education, environment, global health, and water and sanitation with a focus on strengthening mutual ties and cooperation with nations throughout the world.

Israel Free Trade Agreement | The United States-Israel Free Trade Agreement was the first FTA entered into by the United States. It continues to serve as the foundation for expanding trade

The goy and the golem: James Angleton and the rise of Israel

How Secret Russian Spy Kim Philby Helped Set Up Israel

[Jeremy] From Jefferson Morley’s “The Ghost”. This also begins to go into the Soviet angle on US/Angleton moving closer to Israel. This even references a Turkey/Iran/Israel “Trident” set up by Israeli intelligence that Angleton appreciated

James Jesus Angleton: The Kremlin’s Favorite Spook

When the FBI Spent Decades Hunting for a Soviet Spy on Its Staff | A tip provided by a double-agent for the KGB set off one of the most self-destructive mole hunts in FBI history

My Lunch With ‘The Spider’ Who Nearly Wrecked the CIA | Long before Game of Thrones dubbed its spymaster The Spider, James Jesus Angleton earned that name. His internal witch hunts still leave us wondering—madman, genius, or both?

[The Antedote Podcast] The Questionable Origins of the Real News Network


Moscow: “third Rome” or “fourth Jerusalem”? | “not only did they mention the term “third Rome”, in common usage nowadays, but also “new Israel”. Moscow was considered as the imperial heir of Rome as well as the spiritual heir of Jerusalem.”

How Russia’s rich elite spend their billions in London | Wealthy [Jewish] oligarchs have become a fixture of the British landscape during the past 20 years. But what do they offer to the country’s culture?

Israel’s former Soviet immigrants transform adopted country | Russian-speaking Jews who arrived over the past 20 years have integrated little, but influenced everything from culture to politics: “For many years the joke was that Israel had become the 51st state of the US. Instead, we have become just another Soviet republic. It’s quite a twist in the story.”

Baruch HaLevi’s Blog: Tech-un Olam: Repairing the World One Israel Innovation at a Time

Alex Jones has ‘brainwashed’ his children, claims his ex-wife who says she will launch legal action to stop her 15-year-old son from appearing on Infowars after he challenged Parkland survivor David Hogg to a showdown

Revealed: Blackwater Founder Erik Prince’s Business Ties With Netanyahus Disgraced Chief of Staff | U.S. businessman at center of storm over allegedly setting up back-channel between Trump and Putin has ties to Ari Harow and an Israeli financier

Trump adviser’s Russian contact closely linked to Putin family | New questions over meeting between Erik Prince and financier with direct ties to Russian president

Blackwater founder Erik Prince eyes opportunities with China | Man who once fashioned private armies for US is now helping support Beijing’s ‘Silk Road’ policy

7 thoughts on “Talpiot Talk #2: The Foundation Of The Talpiot Program Is In This Congressional Bill

  1. Excellent post, Dianne, and kudos to Brendon & Co.! The Constitution is the Law of the Land, and the Talpiot Program is in total violation of the Constitution. This tyrannical program must NEVER be passed by Congress, as it violates the entire Bill of Rights, and is a declaration of war against the United States through incitement of civil unrest and civil war within the nation. Such incitement is high treason and must be handled as such.
    It’s time to break all ties, both financial and military, with the warmongering State of Israel, and purge all Israel Firsters and dual citizens from all levels of gov’t. Yes, it’s harsh, but, it’s the only way we’ll be able to regain our sovereignty.

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