RE: Either Glenn is knowingly lying or he is so immersed in Putin worship to the point that he is completely out of touch with reality.

Via Brendon O’Connell’s email reply to Greg McCarron:

Glenn was having lunch with Giraldi in Washington back in 2010. The conversation. This was not recent. This is all Catholics In Action talk. Hence why Glenn got the spy tag. Which is silly. He’s poor.

Giraldi specifically said the CIA hate Israel and the FBI hate Israel even more. It’s just the pollies and key personnel Israel has control of. Like Dave Frasca. Head of the Muslim fundamentalist unit of the FBI. He single handedly stopped 5 separate investigations into Muhammad Atta and Venice Florida – Daniel Hopsicker. Funny, I met the travel agent who brought in both groups in 1993 and 2001…Tewfik Ali Sourour. Aka, Tony Sami. In jail. W.A. is a MAJOR hiding place for high level protected witnesses. Isolated yet modern and Perth is quite beautiful and everyone knows everyone. Major special forces base there – SAS.

I met Barry Seals boss, Roger Reaves. Published his book. Smuggler.

Right in a W.A jail. Roger would have been neck deep with Barry in Mena had Roger not been jailed for 4 years. Imagine, I meet Tewfik and Roger in the same jail. Iran contra, 9-11. Then I end up in Iran. Why has no one pulled me up as an intelligence asset? I laugh, because it shows you no one reads what I write on my blog. I mean NO ONE except Jeff D. who’s got drug addict sex maniac intelligence asset written all over him…if it’s not John McAffee.

[Brendon O’Connell]

2 thoughts on “RE: Either Glenn is knowingly lying or he is so immersed in Putin worship to the point that he is completely out of touch with reality.

  1. Brendan I listen too you man. I regret not making contact earlier. With all the bullshit life has been chucking at you i figured you wouldnt want to be bothered from some random in Melbourne.

    But with every youtube vid i watch from you (reddragon) ive wanted to get involved more and more. Other than emailing DFAT a few times as you suggested, i havnt contributed at all.

    I want this too change. Im 28, single, and couldnt give a fuck of any consiquences. As you’ve said, its one thing written comments and setting up “another bloody facebook page” but in reality nothing productive will come from it.

    Please let me know anything i can assist with. Or if you want too chat more, (i’d prefer this email –


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