by Jon Swinn of

For those of you who aren’t aware Ted Malloch, an Infowars contributor was detained by the FBI, questioned and subpeonaed to testify as part of the Mueller investigation.

Below is a quote I found that explains why Malloch was detained for questioning by the FBI.

“Fusion GPS cofounder Glenn Simpson described Malloch last year as a “Bannon Stone associate” and said he believed Malloch was a “significant figure” in the Trump-WikiLeaks connection.”

Do I believe Malloch has anything to worry about in regards to the Mueller investigation?

No, I do not. The FBI is following up on the statements made by Simpson. The FBI took the opportunity to meet Malloch at Logan airport as that was the quickest opportunity to question Malloch. There really isn’t anything else to the situation.

Now, I didn’t really want to do this but someone has to do it. I know no one else is going to let you know this information about Ted Malloch. Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones certainly aren’t going to.

Over the Easter weekend I was sent a link to a video by an unnamed Australian fugitive. The video is titled ‘BREAKING! JEROME CORSI, FBI Detains Infowars Contributor Ted Malloch – ALEX JONES INFOWARS’:

As hard as it is for me to sit through and listen to this torturous tripe, I survived! Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment.

After a great deal of whining and crying from serial disseminator of disinfo, Jerome Corsi (in between the constant interruptions from the chief infowarrior, Alex Jones), didn’t admit that he receives intelligence from top Israeli intelligence agents on this video (that was a previous interview that you can watch here). Anyway, some words spoken from the mouth of Dr. Corsi caught my attention. He said these words in such a way it sounded like a desperate plea to buy his lies.

“Ted Malloch has no connection to anything.” – Jerome Corsi.

This obviously prompted me to look into Mr. Malloch and amazingly I found some very interesting connections back to the same network I’ve previously highlighted. The picture Jones and Corsi painted of Mr. Malloch being a stand up man of integrity and a honest patriot faded rapidly.

Malloch is connected to Nina Rosenwald’s Hudson Institute as he served as an adviser there. He also was an adviser to the American Foreign Policy Council, a neoconservative think tank that links to important figures in this network such as James Woosley.

Another huge donor to this network is the Templeton Foundation. It has several different names. Malloch was a board member of the organisation. The funding of one of his enterprises within the foundation was Yale’s “Spiritual Capital Initiative”. You can read a detailed critique of the initiative here.

The John Templeton Foundation aims to advance human well-being by supporting research on the Big Questions, and by promoting character development, individual freedom, and free markets. The Foundation takes its vision from its founding benefactor, the late Sir John Templeton, who sought to stimulate what he described as “spiritual progress.”

Despite the rather positive mission statement, beneath the surface we find some worrying things. Templeton Foundation donates to such infamous loving causes (excuse the sarcasm) as conspiracy theory peddler Frank Gaffney’s CSP, Nina Rosenwald’s Hudson Institute, Cato Institute and Aspen Institute. The foundation has been involved in funding quackery projects promoting intelligent design.

The Templeton Foundation seems to be the link between Malloch and Aspen Institute. Yet, Malloch doesn’t mention this connection in his work and interviews as that would work against the narrative of labelling Aspen as “globalist” when in fact they are connected right back to the Zionist power structure that he works for.

I was informed by a very helpful gentleman, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel (of The Antedote Podcast), that the Aspen Institute has a track record of giving a platform to false opposition operatives to create and control narratives. One being Deray McKesson who has been promoted as the ‘voice of Black Lives Matter’ through Aspen Institute. That is what Malloch is operating as now, a false opposition operative pushing the narratives (“deep state” and “globalism”) and furthering the agenda of this network.

Another disturbing connection to the Aspen Institute is the Crown family of Chicago, who are linked to serious historical criminals such as mob figures and Bernie Madoff and major events in US history such as the assassinations of JFK, RFK and 9/11. You can read more about them here.

Aspen Institute play a big role in narrative building in the political arena in the US. In recent times, they have really been helpful in bolstering this “globalist” and “deep state” narrative used by the pro-Trump shills in alternative and mainstream media with former CIA Director under Obama, John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, acting as anti-Trump talking heads at Aspen Institute’s Aspen Security Forum. I’ll be exposing that in more detail in the future.

For now I want to get back to Malloch. Last year Malloch spoke at a Henry Jackson Society event.

Malloch speaking at Henry Jackson Society

The HJS is funded by Rosenwald through Abstraction fund via American friends of Henry Jackson Society (see this).

Henry Jackson Initiative origins link to Rothschild’s and Nina Rosenwald’s Hudson Institute

In 2011, the Henry Jackson Society undertook a project on 21st Century capitalism initially titled, ‘Better Markets, Better Values’. An October 2011 report to the City of London’s Policy and Resources Committee by the City’s director of public relations recommended a grant of £25,000 towards a total project cost of £100,000, funded from the Committee‟s Policy Initiatives Fund 2011/12. According to this report, the project had already confirmed financial support from McKinsey, with further interest from KPMG and Clifford Chance. The report stated:

“The project will be led by a high level working group whose co-chairs will be Lady de Rothschild, CEO of EL Rothschild and Domic Barton, Global Managing Director of McKinsey. Other members include the former Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Lord (John) Hutton (not to be confused with Lord (Brian) Hutton of the Hutton Inquiry), Monetary Policy Committee Member Adam Posen, Director of the Hudson Institute Irwin Stelzer and former Editor in Chief of the Wall Street Journal Europe Baron Wheatcroft.”

This task force published its report, ‘Towards a More Inclusive Capitalism,’ in May 2012 in London at the same time that the Henry Jackson Initiative was formally established to continue its work.

A brief look into Fusion GPS’s Glen Simpson’s statements

“Simpson then mentioned Malloch, whom he described as a “Bannon Stone associate” tied to UKIP and who Simpson believed was “a significant figure in this.”

Farage spearheaded the Brexit campaign, and he and Malloch share an ideological platform. The two men have met frequently — Malloch has appeared on Farage’s radio show multiple times, and they were also spotted together in Brussels, according to The Guardian.”

Let’s take a look at this statement in more detail. In light of the information I’ve uncovered, is there a real connection between Malloch and Bannon? If there is any connection, it’s clearly through what I call the Rosenwald-Gaffney network. It does link to the highest echelons of Zionist control as highlighted with the Rothschild connection to the Henry Jackson Initiative and my previous work that connects members of this network to Mega.

One connection between Breitbart and Malloch comes through Raheem Kassam. Kassam is Chief Editor for Breitbart London. He has promoted Malloch on his social media and has conducted interviews with Malloch for Breitbart.

The relationship looks to be reason the Malloch became a writer for Breitbart between February – September 2017.

It is likely the two were put in contact through this network. It is important to note that Kassam was the director of HJS funded Student Rights from its creation until March 2014, combining the role with jobs at the Henry Jackson Society including Marketing Director (September 2010 – July 2012), Communications Director (July 2012 – April 2013) and an Associate Fellow (April 2013 – September 2014). He is now a senior adviser to Nigel Farage and UKIP. Kassam is very close to Farage. Here is a picture of the two campaigning for UKIP.

Here are the two of them with other UKIP brass and Donald Trump.

It seems to me the Malloch is just a false opposition talking head working as a mouthpiece to push the narratives and agenda to this network. He isn’t a significant link at all. As I’ve detailed previously, the Bannon connection to Trump is through the Mercer – Bolton – CNP. These people are much more significant. Roger Stone is also well connected to Breitbart and has known Trump for decades. Neither man needs Malloch to connect to Farage.

Simpson’s statements seem purposely misleading or poorly researched. I believe that is by design for multiple reasons, and I plan on delving into in the near future.

Malloch also does not seem to have any significant direct connection to Donald Trump. Malloch’s claims that he was to become Trump’s EU Ambassador seem to be just that, claims. It seems another title Malloch bestowed upon himself to somehow lend credibility, elevate and portray himself as someone who is way more important than he actually is. Simpson may have bought into this lie but again. It’s either sloppy research or conveniently misleading by Simpson.

What compounds my suspicions is the fact that this isn’t the first time Malloch has bestowed titles and embellished his credentials and CV. He has a long history of doing exactly that.

The FT has identified a number of potentially misleading claims made in Mr. Malloch’s autobiography, Davos, Aspen & Yale, and in an online CV. Disputed claims:

  • That he held an “ambassadorial level” role at the UN in Geneva, from which he “helped bring down the Soviet Union”. UN and US officials have said the role was not ambassadorial level.
  • That Margaret Thatcher called him “a genius” and a “global sherpa” live on CNN in 1992. After video evidence contradicted his claim, he said the comment was made off-camera. A friend of Mr. Malloch’s has told the FT he remembers hearing Thatcher use the “global sherpa” phrase of Mr Malloch.
  • That he was “made a laird” by the Lord Lyon. The Lord Lyon does not have the power to create lairds. Mr. Malloch told the FT that he had a scroll showing his position as laird.
  • That his documentary Doing Virtuous Business was nominated for an Emmy award. The production company said it was submitted for a regional Emmy, but not nominated. A previous documentary was nominated.
  • That he completed his “entire doctoral programme in an unprecedented less than three years”. Mr. Malloch now says this did not include finishing his thesis.
  • That he wrote for The New York Times and the Washington Post. No record could be found of him having done so. Mr. Malloch declined to provide a list of articles.
  • That he is “chairman and CEO” of Global Fiduciary Governance LLC and the Roosevelt Group. Neither company has its own website or any listed employees on LinkedIn, suggesting they are less grand than Mr. Malloch’s use of the titles implies.
  • That he was a fellow at Wolfson and Pembroke colleges, Oxford. Both institutions deny such an affiliation. Mr. Malloch rejects this.
  • That he was a “professor” at Saïd Business School, Oxford. In fact he was a senior fellow on a short-term appointment. Mr. Malloch told the FT he was a professor at Yale and Blackfriars Hall, Oxford.
  • That he was the “first” to use the phrase thought leadership, a phrase that dates back to the 19th century. Contacted by the FT, Mr. Malloch repeated the claim.

Ted Malloch’s lies about assets to swindle two banks in bankruptcy case

The Financial Times also obtained bankruptcy court records revealing that a US court had found that Malloch had overstated his assets on loan applications with the intent to deceive the banks into making multi-million dollar loans. The couple had claimed assets of £36.3 million when applying for the loans, but claimed that they had just $152,000 at the time of their 2013 bankruptcy petition and were unable to repay $5.9 million in outstanding debt.

“Ted Malloch, a professor at Henley Business School made false statements to deceive two US banks into giving him multimillion-dollar loans, according to court documents.”

More lies and deception using consultancy business, Roosevelt Group

Roosevelt Group is the consultancy business that Mr. Malloch set up and of which he calls himself “Chairman and CEO.” According to One Bank’s claim, Mr. Malloch stated that the Roosevelt Group was worth $10m in 2009, citing a valuation by “Zeron Group Investment Banks.” But court documents reveal tax information for the Roosevelt Group showed “net losses,” and in 2012 Mr. Malloch and his wife recorded revenue of only $24,000 from the company. By 2014, the Roosevelt Group was “defunct,” One Bank said. The Mallochs’ own bankruptcy filing listed their ownership of the company as worth nothing. Mr. Malloch claims, “The Roosevelt Group was dormant for a number of years but remains a small consulting company.” He said his net wealth had been affected by an insurance trust that “itself was misrepresented” and “which collapsed in the financial crisis of 2007-2008.” This conflicts with the bank’s claims, which state that the Mallochs had listed their ownership interest in the Roosevelt Group and other companies as their biggest assets.

The couple initially denied One Bank’s claims about their net worth, before withdrawing their responses to the claims. Under US law, bankrupt persons are still liable for certain debts if they obtained them by making materially false statements. For the Mallochs, the story and the false claims did not end with the default judgments. The couple had told lawyers for their bankruptcy estate that they did not own their home in Connecticut. But the lawyers found that the property was owned by the Spiritual Enterprise Institute, a non-profit organisation devoted to researching the role of spirituality in economic development, of which Mr. Malloch was chairman. The Spiritual Enterprise Institute sold the house for $547,000 and, according to court records, the net proceeds were wired to a German bank account of which “Theodore Malloch Jr. Spiritual Enterprise Institute” was the beneficiary.

Lawyers for the Mallochs’ bankruptcy estate obtained a court order requiring the couple to provide information relating to the money. Mr. Malloch said he had given some of it to his wife, and $183,000 as a “gift” to the Global Ethic Institute in Tübingen, Germany, where he was a researcher. But the creditors found his testimony “at a minimum, inaccurate, illogical and evasive.” They told the court they were unable to trace the proceeds from the Connecticut home sale. News of the German connection was first reported by Der Spiegel.

Eventually, the Mallochs offered to settle the property dispute by paying $75,000 in cash to their bankruptcy estate. The trustee for the bankruptcy estate told a Connecticut district court that would be acceptable, partly because, after declaring bankruptcy, the Mallochs had moved “outside of the United States, making collection efforts difficult”. The district court approved the settlement in November 2016, although this only related to claims on the Connecticut property and did not discharge other outstanding claims.

At the time, Mr. Malloch was becoming a regular pro-Trump voice in British media. He has since appeared on the BBC, Bloomberg Television and Russian channel, RT. Mr. Kopsick, lawyer for One Bank & Trust, said the bank continued to have the right to enforce a claim of about $3m against the Mallochs.

Can’t even get the backstory of his name straight

Malloch’s credibility among rightwing Americans has been helped by an unusual claim – that he is a descendant of President Theodore Roosevelt. “My parents christened me Theodore Roosevelt, after my paternal WASP ancestor, who remains one of the finest exemplars of the breed,” Mr. Malloch wrote in his autobiography, Davos, Aspen & Yale. The connection has been repeated by rightwing publications such as Breitbart, which referred to him as “great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt.” The Daily Caller said that Mr. Malloch saw “many similarities between his ancestor and The Donald”.

However, birth records cast doubt on the genealogical link. Malloch said the relationship was through his father, Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, who was born in Philadelphia in 1921. An obituary of Mr. Malloch, Sr. does not mention any link to President Roosevelt, who had died two years before he was born. Mr. Malloch Sr.’s parents were Henry Wilson Malloch, a plumber from Scotland, and Frieda Schneider, a housewife born in Germany.

No link between them and President Roosevelt, who was aged about 35 when they were born has been found. President Roosevelt’s great-great-grandson, Kermit Roosevelt, said he had not heard of Ted Malloch. Malloch claims “I was always told that my grandmother was a distant Roosevelt relative.” German birth records are available only to direct descendants. Mr. Malloch initially offered to provide a birth certificate that would prove his claim but then declined to do so, saying he was “under no obligation to share private information.” One of Malloch’s uncles was named Woodrow Wilson Malloch. Mr. Malloch declined to comment on whether the family was related to Woodrow Wilson.

I think we can conclude that Malloch’s claim is another gigantic lie to add to the huge trail of lies and deceit Malloch will hopefully be remembered by.

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