Greg McCarron, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Joseph Davis discuss the dynamics in the shift from a US dominated unipolar world order to a Russia-China dominated multipolar world order, facilitated by Israel. We also get into James Angleton, Jonathan Pollard, Kenneth Bialkin, the ADL, B’Nai B’Rith and more.

Resources discussed

[Jon Swinn] IDC Herzliya: An Institutional Cornerstone In Building A High Tech Superpower

[Jon Swinn] A look at the pathetic Ted Malloch

[Joseph Davis] Talpiot & the Multipolar World Order

On Ukraine, Israel and neoconservatives not on the same page

UK not pleased with Israeli response to poison attack on ex-Russian spy

White supremacists defend Assad, warn Trump: Don’t let Israel force you into war with Syria

#Duginism = Russian New World Order 2.0

Anatoliy Golitsyn: The Key to Understanding Today’s World Situation

How Secret Russian Spy Kim Philby Helped Set Up Israel | A document uncovered by The Daily Beast shows that Soviet mole Kim Philby was hampering his British intelligence colleagues in their efforts to defeat the Zionist movement.

The goy and the golem: James Angleton and the rise of Israel

[Jeremy Rothe-Kushel] From Jefferson Morley’s “The Ghost”. This also begins to go into the Soviet angle on US/Angleton moving closer to Israel. This even references a Turkey/Iran/Israel “Trident” set up by Israeli intelligence that Angleton appreciated

SPIES LIKE US | Spy vs. spy intrigue between the CIA and Israel, centered around the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv

[Jeremy Rothe-Kushel] This is how Israel worked it’s relationship, even through their involvement in Iran Contra and the anti-Communist CIA operations throughout Africa and the Western hemisphere into the 80’s, in terms of presenting itself as an asset for the US against the Soviets, all while likely being deeply connected with the Soviets:

[Jeremy Rothe-Kushel] Even a KGB colonel ‘jokingly’ called Angleton their “best asset”

[Jeremy Rothe-Kushel] And he is openly acknowledged in the mainstream, supposedly because of paranoia lent to him by Golitsyn’s indicators of a mole high in CIA, to have crippled US counter-intelligence towards the Soviets, having taken out over 50 apparently loyal CIA

My Lunch With ‘The Spider’ Who Nearly Wrecked the CIA | Long before Game of Thrones dubbed its spymaster The Spider, James Jesus Angleton earned that name. His internal witch hunts still leave us wondering—madman, genius, or both?

THE CIA AND THE MEDIA | How America’s Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up

[Joseph Davis] Why is the West at war with Syria?

Russian official: If Iran attacks Israel, we’ll stand with you | Moscow’s deputy ambassador in Tel Aviv says while Israel was right to shoot down intruding drone, he doesn’t buy IDF’s assertion that Tehran was behind Saturday’s launch

Why Russia should take over Israel’s defense from America

Russia, Iran leaders head to Turkey for summit on Syria | Putin, Erdogan to attend ceremony for Russian-made nuclear power plant before Rouhani joins them for discussions on Syrian civil war

Putin’s Sinister Role in the Failed Turkish Coup | Analysis: Pulling Erdogan from Western Orbit is a Russian Objective

Saudi Arabia Might Recognize Israel Because Of NEOM

Russia bidding to construct 16 nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia

In Snub to U.S., Russia and Egypt Move Toward Deal on Air Bases

The Strategic Implications Of A Possible Russian Base In Somaliland

Here’s Why Russia Might Set Up A Red Sea Base In Sudan

Netanyahu Congratulates Hungary’s Orban After Landslide Reelection | PM previously discussed possibility of Israel hosting a meeting of the Visegrad group, four countries whose governments are considered the most right-wing in Europe

Netanyahu says George Soros funding campaign against Israeli plan to deport asylum seekers

Nonlinear warfare – A new system of political control [2014 Adam Curtis]

How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare [by Jeff Gates]

[The Antedote Podcast] The Questionable Origins of the Real News Network

Inside the world of Chinese bitcoin mining | China is one of the main exchange markets and hosts some of the biggest bitcoin ‘mining pools’ in the world.

The Ugly Truth About the ADL Anti-Defamation League

Kenneth Bialkin

‘Killer robots’: AI experts call for boycott over lab at South Korea university

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