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Church Leaders $30,000 Swiss Watch Disappears Up His Sleeve

Patriarch Kirril (real name Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev) is a common thief, KGB Agent friend of KGB Agent Putin.

All spiritual sons of the Soviet Stalinist era super spy Yuri Andropov.

Kirril has billions from tobacco and vodka and oil taxes. Utilizing the Church’s tax exempt status to make a personal fortune. If Pope Francis farts there is a apoplectic fit. But when Kirril amasses a fortune and wears his $30,000 Swiss watch – there is silence. THAT, is good Soviet era long term strategic planning.

Some of us remember the frothing love for Perostroika and Glasnost in the Reagan Gorbachev era. Now we have an identical repeat here with Trump and Putin. Putin is the most popular thug politician on the planet and the masses cannot get enough.

His opposition are the gay man that got married Obama – long term %100 communist sleeper, Jewish mother who was a CIA asset. And the spirit cooking, semen drinking, witch of New York, Hillary. Thats not a “choice”. Thats psychological warfare. Thats a Soviet era Bolshevik long term strategic planning operation – out of the home of the American Bolsheviks – Chicago and New York..

All of them including Trump are crass, immoral, opportunistic sociopathic puppets for others, and Putin is no different. But try telling that to the proletariat who cannot wait to toss away the American constitution and allow the wolf into the door – same old system different name with high tech shackles – Communitarianism – the final synthesis of the capitalism communism dialectic – “Smart Gulags/Cities”. Technology run out of Israel.

The joke financial system will be rolled over into crypto currencies which are created and controlled by…Israel.

When the drone robots come we are in big trouble. Till they get here in force we will have constant psychological destabilization and confusion. When they have finished with Syria we will IMMEDIATELY have another crisis – killer bee’s, super volcanoes, alien invasion…whatever.

As we know, its free markets for the poor and socialist welfare for the rich in the US – but its world wide.

The United States is the biggest socialist country of all with MASSIVE subsidies for all sorts of manufacturing and food production. US tax payer funded. But the biggest welfare hand out is through the Pentagon budget. A $600 billion (probably 1 trillion) gift to the US high technology sector which is then fed off by Israel and Russia and China – and Iran.

This system perpetuates itself – at the expense of the expenditure of ammunition and the tearing of human flesh and the associated misery.

The answer is we must have a “dialogue” and face some VERY uncomfortable truths – the current financial system is a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad (infinity) joke. It is propped up to an extent by the massive infusion of liquid cash via drug money laundering – which feeds the weapons trade – which feeds the weapons industry and military industrial complexes world wide.

They all do it. At the moment, especially, we cannot dialogue with anyone which is exactly the way they want it.

We must be in a state of continual psychological and even physical destabilization from war in Syria, completely confusing and contradictory news reporting, a JOKE MSM and an EQUALLY jokable “alt” media which is controlled by the same people.

Every one is “reactionary” and “partisan” and being controlled. But they dont see it. This is KGB era psychological warfare at its best – running from Moscow to Tel Aviv to now, Washington DC via the child molester, sex addicted coke fiend pathetic idiot bankrupt clown Trump and his equally disgusting spirit cooking, semen drinking spawns of hell Obama and Hillary – ALL created and controlled by the same people – Israeli firster hard core Zionist (Bolshevik) traitors to America and the Netanyahu clique of Israeli Military Intelligence in Israel.

ADAM CURTIS – “Hypernormalization”…

Yuri Bezmenov (former kgb) Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society…

5 thoughts on “[Brendon O’Connell] Russian Church Leader Is A Common Thief Charleton KGB Agent

  1. Amazing article.. Watched the whole explanation in the video too. And did some research myself, came to know that Indian communist movement in India was a KGB plot too.. Trained professors in the colleges and the universities by the KGB agent.

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  2. Russian “Orthodox” Batyushka Speaks Out:

    “Short excerpt from an interview with an eastern schismatic who mentions some interesting facts regarding the influence of the Jewish/anti-christian rule in society.”

    What is Russia’s Place in the Middle East? by Thierry Meyssan:

    “The Russian president, who comes from a Jewish family and converted to the Russian Orthodox religion, plans to reactivate that administrative entity founded by Stalin in 1934 as an alternative to the creation of the State of Israel. What used to be a Jewish republic within the former Soviet Union could become the future home to refugees, who would certainly be welcomed since Russia is experiencing a plummeting demographic decline.”

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