Our friend Jeremy Rothe-Kushel has filed a federal lawsuit this past Thursday over his May 2016 arrest for asking questions critical of Israel at a public forum at a Kansas City library featuring Zionist diplomat, Dennis Ross.

Currently, Jeremy has issued the following statement:

“Our personally held rights to peaceably assemble, speak freely, and to record and publish our understandings are the foundation of our nation’s traditions of self-governance & rule of law. We must vigorously practice, preserve, protect and defend them.” —Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

Jeremy will keep us updated as his case progresses. Below is recent press regarding his lawsuit.

‘Man arrested at Kansas City library event sues KCPD, Jewish Community Foundation’ | On May 9, 2016, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel asked a question during a public talk at the Kansas City Public Library’s Plaza location then was arrested by off-duty police and private security. He recently filed a federal civil rights lawsuit over the arrest.

‘Lawrence Activist Sues Over Arrest At Kansas City Library Public Event Two Years Ago’

‘Jewish man sues over his arrest for criticizing Israel at Dennis Ross panel’ | Suit alleges Jeremy Rothe-Kushel’s free speech rights were violated when he was booted from event for questioning Jewish state’s policies

7 thoughts on “Jeremy Rothe-Kushel files federal lawsuit over his arrest for criticizing Israel at Dennis Ross panel

  1. thanks for this post, and we should all support Jeremy in this lawsuit because it clarifies the conflict between the constitution and Rabbinical Talmudic law; which has been an issue throughout history, and the main topic of the Napoleonic Sanhedrin.


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