via Brendon O’Connell

War, war, war…

Get your popcorn. Car chase at the 7 minute mark. Black guy dies 20 minutes in, his white cop partner avenged his death at the 50 minute mark. Love scene. Another car chase…credits. Brush your teeth to get the popcorn out.

Apart from 911, this reshaping of the Middle East for Israel and the Belt & Road Initiatives sake is quite an accomplishment. Truly the greatest Grand Chessboard move yet. Daring, swaggering…and it’s only cost 3 million brown skinned peoples lives.

Just remember the script alt media people – Rouhani, Putin, Assad and Xi ping (China) rock. Israel & America…booooooooooooo. Throw popcorn if you like at the screen.

3 thoughts on “[Brendon O’Connell] Iran Israel War – The Clown Dance Continues…

  1. Shouldn’t that *really* be THREE Steves? Did you forget about the other Hollywood producer, the one who was center stage during the recent celebration of the capital moving to Jerusalem, standing right next to Bibi & the Kushners, Steve Mnuchin?


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