6 thoughts on “Talpiot Talk 8: Bagels, Strategy, Freemasonry, White Nationalism, Patrick Little & More

  1. irregardless of a country’s cultural make up; the fact is the Jewish infiltration of Western govts. and finance which is bleeding wealth to Israel, and the Jews.. look at the the trade agreement Israel has with the US., look at the stolen technology, look at the govt./military aid going to Israel, look at the private funds going to Israel, look at the false narrative promoted by the media, and schools. It’s nothing less than a coup detat from within, and people should realize this. The antedote for the US is a return to the Constitution, and the Bill pf Rights

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  2. Thanks for a stimulating evening ! I rarely sit though lengthy videos, but this was well worth it and it lifted my spirits to see such a diverse group of men seeking truth and finding it.

    My own journey began in 1986 (in earnest) after finding employment at Columbia Pictures. I could write volumes on my experiences there as a goy girl from the midwest. What I have finally surmised is that all
    policial and geopolitical problems have at their center spiritual heresies and culminate in spirit deception.

    Keep up the good work guys; you are a vibrant and vital force for these times. Looking forward to the rest of the journey.

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