One thought on “Brendon O’Connell interview on The American Awakening w/ Michael Herzog 16th May 2016 (Commercial Free)

  1. Good on Brendon for calling out all the zionist pimps like Jones, Corbett, Hodges “Haven’s Coven” folks like Haggee etc. I tried to write about all this in 2002+ and back then was the one and only RARE opening to address jew-control. In the runup to 2003 Iraq War discussion of the neocon jewish ownership of 911, M.E wars etc was openly addressed (relatively). did alot on it. Now? That’s all gone. Ask Darryl Bradford Smith. Several others who used to discuss Jew World Order ownership but gave up after being disappeared, threatened and/or overwhelmed by the likes of faQe QIAduh patriots and their endless riddles or Xtian zionist distractions like Jones “Ayrabs run Hollywood” or Corbett, Haggmann, Quayle, Hodges ilk w/ their ET, giants, “Messiah-Israel” etc
    FYI- I’ve been to Iran few times. Ayatollah Khomeini was British-French Intelligence asset.
    Learned FIRST HAND from Hamid Golpira (Press TV) and a best friend of Larijani that Ahmedinejad is JEWISH. Which is why his grandstanding could be used to demonize Iran (and justify attacking Iran). Dont trust that dual-national clown either. Later confirmed by British press. Also heard it straight from one of the Shah’s former pilots who then worked for IRGC AForce.
    As to your China stuff? Tech transfers go back much earlier to the years even before Jonathan Pollard. The jews were stealing our stuff and resaling it to China for 50 yrs already. Like they did w/ atomic bomb tech & the Rosenbergs.
    ITS ALL FAKE. And hopeless unfortunately. Cause the masses wont see it; but if they could? They’d rather sell out for comfort than do anything to change it.


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