2 thoughts on “Brendon O’Connell interview on The American Awakening w/ Michael Herzog from 15th May 2018 (Commercial Free)

  1. C’mon dude, Ahmedinajad was the favorite to win the election in 2005 by the NEOCONS. I was in Beirut and IRAN during those elections and no one knew who he was, except some neocon Michael Rubin among other FDD Americans, “endorsed” this nobody Mayor of Tehran. Iran polls said he was least likely to win. But tada!! He DID!!!
    For the most part his comments could be used to demonize Iran. He is another JEWISH agent. WTFU. Its not just fake news or MSM accusations. Wake up. Much of this JEW WORLD ORDER material is detailed in Carroll Quigley from 60 yrs ago, but who reads?? Alot of this theme of jew-world ownership used to be discussed, but in the last 5 yrs most of those sites have disappeared completely. O’Connell has nothing new- it has just been all erased.
    Chrstopher Bollyn married IDF women twice and he spent time on Israel kibbutz. He, like Greg Palast are Mossad linked too. Take what you like and leave the rest. Most honest on these issues it seems, was Michael Collins Piper, who conveniently died right as Drumpf announced for POTUS. Piper had documented Drumpf’s creation/sponsorship by the jew Banksters back in the 1980s & 90’s already. Yet close friend Mark Glenn INSISTs on pushing the Drump rebel anti-Deep State narrative


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