Talpiot Talk #10: Putin, Dugin, Israel, Russia & the Nazbols

Joseph Davis, Adam Green and Greg McCarron discuss Putin, Dugin, Israel, Russia and National Bolshevism.

Adam Green | Know More News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaRjFptz7970mppuiGuZtpQ

Greg McCarron | The Antedote podcast https://talpiottalk.com/greg/

[The Antedote] A History of ADL/B’Nai B’Rith Subversion https://youtu.be/Jzw4-6y4Lls

Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel on B’nai Brith, the Civil War and Freemasonry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1Vq2JxIeMg

[The Antedote] David Duke and the Alt Right Disinfo Campaign https://youtu.be/35qyU1OWckc

Israel did 9/11 https://jdavismemphis.com/israel/israels-false-flags-assassinations-kill-switch-diplomacy/who-really-did-911/

Jewish Power, Israel and Russia https://jdavismemphis.com/israel/global-relationships-with-israel/jews-israel-and-russia/

Jews, Israel and China https://jdavismemphis.com/israels-world-order-how-tiny-israel-dominates-globally/global-relationships-with-israel/jews-israel-and-china/

[Joseph Davis] Talpiot & the Multipolar World Order https://talpiottalk.com/2018/04/09/talpiot-the-multipolar-world-order/

[Joseph Davis] The New Silk Road, or One Belt One Road (OBOR), initiative is being led by Israel via China. https://jdavismemphis.com/israel/global-relationships-with-israel/the-new-silk-road-or-one-belt-one-road-obor-initiative-is-being-led-by-israel-via-china/

4 thoughts on “Talpiot Talk #10: Putin, Dugin, Israel, Russia & the Nazbols

  1. thank you for these posts, some great info and reporting. in trying to understand the nwo/jwo; the atlantic alliance, it seems the city of london, with it’s “royal” families, the zionists, the freemasons, the gulf state oil sheiks, and the private banking cartel are all playing their part in attempting to bring about a global neo-feudalism. Dean Henderson has done some great research in this area.


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