Israel’s Digital New World Order

I’ve added the following documentary to our ‘What is Israel’s end goal?‘ page. This is all being driven by Israel as we’ve been documenting via ‘Israel’s World Order | How Tiny Israel Dominates Globally’: I’m keeping an eye on Estonia, and this is also worth looking into, ‘History of the Jews in Estonia’ Wikipedia.

This documentary also made me think of a New York Times op-ed Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote back in 2009 titled, ‘NATO and World Security.’ Here’s the primary excerpt that came to mind:

A good first step might be an agreement on security cooperation between NATO and the Kremlin-created Collective Security Treaty Organization, which consists of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In return for this concession — which Moscow has long sought — such an arrangement should be made conditional on provisions that confirm the right of current nonmembers to seek membership of their own choice in either NATO or the CSTO.

Better relations between NATO and Russia could also facilitate a cooperative outreach toward the rising Asian powers, which should be drawn into joint security undertakings. Such gradually expanding cooperation could lead, in turn, to a joint NATO-Shanghai Cooperation Organization council, thereby indirectly engaging China in cooperation with NATO, clearly a desirable goal. Indeed, given the changing distribution of global power, NATO should soon consider more direct formal links with several leading East Asian powers — especially China and Japan — as well as with India.

4 thoughts on “Israel’s Digital New World Order

  1. just finished reading talpiot Israelis edge, it was a real page turner. The scariest part is there ongoing old boys talpiot network and their many connections to American universities and industry. Their new system of education shows a higher understanding of the human mind and potential.

    Did you get the pictures of the new cyber security Dodad at McConnell Air Force Base Wichita? I sent pictures of the Wichita Eagle headlines and stories, so what do you think? Anyway this stuff is very interesting, you think Lieut. Cmdr. Spock was the very first Talpiot ?

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