Ex-wife of secret societal and U.S. Marine Corps Colonel discusses the Israel parasite

Brendon O’Connell edited down seven hours of Kay Griggs’ 1997 interview series into just these parts regarding Israel. Kay is the ex-wife of secret societal and U.S. Marine Corps Colonel George Raymond Griggs.


2 thoughts on “Ex-wife of secret societal and U.S. Marine Corps Colonel discusses the Israel parasite

  1. Okay, so please explain to me how Brendan O’Connell can put this stuff out and then with the next breath declare that the Marines are going to come in and save us all. It seems to me that these are intentional polar shifts to create confusion. Confusion is a altered state of mental perception. Dark neural linguistic language patterns?

    I’m also troubled by his angry reactions to any sort of criticism that he disagrees with in the slightest. This is very similar to reactions you will find from street criminals selling stolen merchandise on the street. When you ask them where did you get these items they will immediately become angry and agitated.

    I continue to be interested in this new angle you people are presenting. My interest however is purely clinical. There is a possibility this all could be cover for future events? I am now firmly convinced that cover operatives were in place before September 1, 2001 and they include architects and engineers and all of the so-called big truther players. I believe that they learn the necessity of these pre-position operatives after the Oklahoma City operation. So are you people sharks teeth? If so what a stroke of luck to be able to observe the process!

    Anyway on the lighter side I ran across a short action movie starring Brendan O’Connell I think you will enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQVHP-sPTbw&feature=youtu.be


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