This video excerpt is from an Israeli named Shlomo Gordon, who recently interviewed Oded Yinon, the author of the infamous 1982 paper “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties,” which he presciently predicted what is currently playing out in the Middle East and North Africa via the current iteration of what Jewish American patriot Jack Bernstein dubbed the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv triangle.

Just as Israel’s Jewish founders targeted their fellow Jews to settle Palestine, this Aliyah to Israel of American Jews will be manufactured by the NY/Moscow/Tel Aviv triangle at the expense of everyday Americans, and American Jews. I believe this will unfortunately happen sooner than what Yinon predicts.

Gordon did this interview as part of an Alex Jones’ Infowars reporter contest, which says a lot about the Infowars fanbase.

Full interview

3 thoughts on “2018 interview: “Prophet” Oded Yinon predicts American Jews will make Aliyah by end of century

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