I saw some of the authors detractors – they use some big words and compare the author to flat earth. I could stop right there but I’ll go on with some simple points.

I spent three months in Iran. I was staying with contacts of the foreign minister Zarif in his home town of Khansar. Also Tehran. No one talks about Israel. Literally. They don’t care. They bitch about Saudi all day. I’m sorry, but this is a simple fact of daily life in Iran.

I spent three hours in a top Tehran restaurant with academics, government analysts, press TV people and the lawyer handling me – David T. Lashgari. You know what they spent the ENTIRE three hours talking about? Bitching about? Foaming at the mouth about? They were apoplectic the BBC had called the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf in an article. I can’t remember if the word Israel, high technology, jewish religious and racial supremacism came up once despite my efforts. At the end, outside the restaurant, one of the university people slapped me on the back, with a big smile stated in English, “I hear you had a run in with Israel, lucky you’re alive!” He threw his head back and laughed. That was our discussion on Israel.

Iranians fret not about Israel, but the economy. All day. Corruption and nepotism. All day. $5 billion USD a year spent in Syria and on Hezbollah. They hate Hezbollah. They hate Palestine. They want the money spent in Iran.

The well known facts about Rouhani and Zarif as self evident agents of the west – all they time they spent over seas. Rouhani with Jack Straw.

The pyramid parliament building with 33 windows.

The “revolution” coming out of a Paris Commune – with German intelligence in tow.

Iran’s extremely close relationship with Swiss and German banking which funds the Iranian insurgency into Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

The streets in Tehran full of Chinese businessmen – three flights a week from Kuala Lumpur. Get on one. The business class section is FULL of Chinese business men. How does that fit with Russia and Israel and China and the Belt and Road? It’s clear they are all working together.

Iran is always shaking a fist, burning a color copy of an American flag in parliament, stomping on a flag in a street and screaming death to America – foaming at the mouth. How does this add up with a highly educated population and the “optics” for people in The West? Are we going to believe people as worldly and politically astute as Rouhani and Zarif cant come up with a better Public Relations format? Integrated and well funded? They behave like horny monkeys in a zoo! But that’s the point – they’re meant to look crazy. To keep the theater pumping along.

Ahmadinejad shook hands with ever Sunni leader. Called for Shia Sunni unity. Stated Assad was finished and Iran could not afford the cost of propping him up. He was out and the Swiss Banker Boys of the bag man Rafsanjani came in – Rouhani and Zarif. The sponsor in Khansar who’s lush apartment I stayed in went to Zurich to stay with her son – he’s in Swiss banking and a multi millionaire. That’s the Rouhani crowd with the millionaire Iranian Revolutionary Guard Generals with their own Swiss bank accounts.

Nepotism and fraud, corruption and embezzling money is a daily sport in Iran. The people have had enough. The revolution is a fraud – funded by Swiss and German bankers.

Look at Hezbollah – they are not stupid, the leadership that is. They goose step and Hitler salute and brag openly they base their youth training on the Hitler Youth. Hello? People understand Israel setting up Hamas – but Hezbollah is for real? The leadership work for Israel. They are a state within a state keeping Lebanon fractured and under the influence of a foreign power – Iran. They goose step and threaten to rain down a hundred thousand missiles on Israel “on cue”. The Israeli military high technology sector love it! Bi Bi LOVES Hezbollah! He kisses a picture of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nesrallah every single day. Israeli society is highly fractured, filled with racism and discrimination and unemployment. Hezbollah is a glue that keeps it together – the threat of annihilation.

In the Middle East, its all about drug trafficking (Bekkar Valley – Russian Israeli gangsters), drug money laundering, weapons sales. Iran Contra Crew; the ICC, live and well.

Perhaps the most glaring aspect of “the forest” from a distance, devoid of the individual tree’s, is the simple fact Iran speaks openly of liberating Jerusalem (with the Al Quds force) and Mecca. Hello? Do people honestly think that Israel will sit back and allow Iran to build bases near its border? Do the clowns online who know zero about the Israeli military high technology capability think the Iranian military can take on a nuclear armed Israel with the most advanced military high technology and intelligence gathering apparatus in the world? I mean…seriously. Not to mention it’s poodle America in the region and the obvious close relationship of Netanyahu and Putin.

We could go on and on.

Start at the $7.2 trillion Belt and Road Initiative and work it from there. Israel leading it all – BRICS included. The self evident Israeli, Russian and Chinese co-operation. The billions in contracts. It is what it is.

The Putin, Rouhani groupies are ridiculous. Like a desperate husband who cannot deal with his friends telling him his wife is screwing around. He makes excuses, then blames his friends for making up stories about his wife. The Truth comes out – always.

Henry, when i became “woke” to the Putin Rouhani fraud and realized the Belt and Road Initiative – a Rothschild creation – was driving all this, I lost a huge amount of support. I have seen the “alt-media” guru’s who make over a thousand dollars per video (and more) do absolute stupendously ridiculous “fluff pieces” on the protagonists. They like the money – that’s the best you can say about them.

I estimate it takes less than $2 million dollars a year to run the top 50 alt-media personalities on this issue. “Trust the plan!” Probably much less than that. I’m talking about the online personalities that are supposedly “anti-zionist”. But believe the Israeli high technology sector domination is irrelevant. Believe Putin is in the region to “save” the Middle East and reign in Netanyahu.

Sweet and lovely “ReallyGraceful” asks her subscribers what they want her to do a video on and please…donate. So I guess he who donates most gets the video? How easy is it to handle that little “media structure”. I mean seriously…this is how most of them operate.

I think a lot of what needs to be said is filled out in these two two hour long interviews I did with Mike Herzog.

Part 1 | The Tel Aviv Moscow New York Axis | Israeli Russian Spying

Part 2 | The Tel Aviv Moscow New York Axis | Israeli Russian Spying

Israel is a Communist founded state – a Rothschild entity. A racist Marxist state as Jewish American Bernstien called it and he called it accurately.

Every single leader of Israel is from Poland and Russia – avid Communists/Zionists. And what was it the first leader of Israel stated, Ben Gurion, as reported in Haaretz?

David Ben-Gurion returned in 1923 from a visit to the Soviet Union and declared: “I am a Bolshevik.” Moreover, many of this country’s early inhabitants were Russian-born. They spoke Russian, read books and sang songs in Russian, and thought and dreamed in Russian.


Myself and others (as have you Henry) reported the endless news articles on the multiple “invasions” of Israel by Russians – most of whom do not even identify as Jewish but they have aerospace engineering degrees, electrical engineering degrees, missile technology degrees.

The million-plus citizens of the former Soviet Union who migrated to Israel in the past 20 years have not only made new lives of their own but they have transformed their adopted country. They have influenced the culture, hi-tech industry, language, education and, perhaps most significantly, Israeli politics.


Now these people who have taken over the critical power points of the Israeli societal structures have the run of America’s most advanced Intel design and fabrication CPU factory. They have the run of the Israeli military technology companies – pulling apart and sending back to Russia the crown jewel of the American tax payer funded F35 stealth platform and its massive associated technologies that Israel – and only Israel – has full access to. Now Russia, China and even Iran has access to it all. and no one noticed? Maybe Sec.Def Jim Mattis has noticed?

This is the biggest security breach in history and a tribute to Putin and his stay behind clique of KGB master spy protegé’s of Yuri Andropov.

Further points to ponder Henry – only %1 of Snowden’s documents stolen from the Booz Allen Hamilton database have been released. %1. Putin has it all. What is on Snowden’s documents that expose Israel? Assange has had a few things to say about Israel – not enough. But a few good quotes. But Snowden has had zero to say and Russia will want it that way – it’s working with Israel. Does Putin has massive leverage over Israel? Or are they in bed anyway and it’s just icing on the cake? What about the Moscow archives? A lot of material in there to Putin can leverage over Israel.

What about the long history of Russian KGB infiltration of Israel?

What about the Israel public’s concerns the Israeli Secretary of Defense Avigdor Lieberman is a Russian spy? A wikileaks cable even shows the American’s consider it.

What about this series of articles easily available to anyone for years –

The KGB’s Middle East Files: ‘Illegals’ in Israel

In 1992, Vasili Mitrokhin, a KGB archivist, defected to the West with a trove of top secret documents from the Soviet intelligence agency, which helped expose many Russian agents and assets in Israel and elsewhere.

In October 1970, the office of Yuri Andropov—the head of the KGB at the time and later the general secretary of the Communist Party—issued an operational order at the agency’s highest classification level. The order specified the first stage of what was codenamed “Operation TN”: “Directorate S,” it stated, “is required to start launching ‘illegals’ on short trips to Israel.”

In Soviet intelligence lingo, “illegals” are the organization’s elite, like the “fighters” of the Mossad’s Caesarea division.

Directorate S operated the “illegals” and was considered the most secret and important directorates in the organization. The Operation TN order continued: The “illegals” “will work in Israel and develop a network of contacts and an infrastructure for operations in a bid to establish an ‘illegal base’ in Israel and to send ‘illegals’ to Israel for a long stay.”

The ramifications of this information in conjunction with Israel’s Talpiot Program, Unit 8200 Start Ups, Israeli domination of information technology and critical infrastructure security, access to the United States most sensitive and powerful technologies and direct control over the most advanced CPU design and fabrication factory in the world is breath taking. It makes the Pollard Affair and “Mega” look like a…nothing. And despite screaming for ten years over all; despite the specifics being beamed to ALL the major players on the alt media landscape for the last two years Henry – here we all are…being called “flat earthers” by anonymous people using big words who cannot see the forest for the trees.

Israel is a Communist backdoor into the West. A backdoor into the high technology sectors of The West. A backdoor into the culture of The West which can be subverted and destabilized – fracturing families, economies and the military and defense structures. To bring down America.

And the alt media gurus missed it all? No, they work for another team. It’s not Team America and I think some of them might ponder a future visit from the Department of Homeland Security.

Communism is Jewish Talmudism and supremacism – to place ALL private property into the hands of an elite few Jewish Bankers and their minions. And finally, to cull the worlds population. Bring in the age of robots (who do as they are told) and A.I.

That’s what is at stake.

Jewish Communities all over the world will suffer as the backlash begins ala 1933, 1937 and ultimately, 1943 – depending on memoir. Both Netanyahu and Putin seem very excited at the prospect of a backlash – they are preparing space for white American and European Jews with electrical engineering degrees. Bi Bi loves “nazis”.

It seems internet donations and egos take precedence over simple self evident truths. A prima facie case is ignored by the alt media detectives – we call that corruption. But at least there is a young generation of “free thinkers” like Shayan Zarrin out there.


B [Brendon O’Connell]

On 7/11/2018 1:24 AM, Henry Makow wrote:

Trump's Iran Strategy: Rhetoric Versus Reality

Shayan Zarren:  Will we embrace the NWO in guise of opposition to US


3 thoughts on “[Brendon O’Connell] Re: Trump’s Iran Strategy: Rhetoric Versus Reality

  1. “Israeli society is highly fractured, filled with racism and discrimination and unemployment. Hezbollah is a glue that keeps it together – the threat of annihilation.” I thought Brendon was talking about the Church there.


  2. Wow, a very nice letter to the editor Mr. O’Connell, but clearly, clearly, clearly you left out the part where the US Marines come in and save us all.

    Israel steals money and technology from the US, the alternative media for the most part is nothing but a big psychological operation. Yes we got that memo, about five years ago.

    So when are you coming to America? I’m sure they will have the freedom fries and apple pie waiting for you. Most likely the Marine Corps band will be there to. Will this be your first trip to America? Hard to believe you being such a jet setter and everything.


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