Israel‘s long term strategic plan for Syria has been to balkanize it along ethnic and religious lines by destabilizing and rolling back the Assad government. Russia has been integral in helping Israel achieve these goals.

Andrew Korybko is employed by Russian funded Sputnik International and is based in Moscow. In Korybko’s May 4, 2017 article titled ‘Syria: From “De-Escalation” Zones To “Decentralization” Units‘ he states:

“Most observers were utterly shocked when the details emerged earlier this week that President Putin had discussed “safe zones” (now being rebranded as “de-escalation” zones) with not only President Trump, but even President Erdogan, and were especially surprised when the Russian leader defended this idea on the grounds that it “can really help to move along the long-standing problem of separating the moderate Syrian opposition from terrorist organization”.

Russian media, RT even quoted President Putin as saying that “aviation will also not be deployed in de-escalation zones, on condition of no military activity there”, signaling that the “de-escalation” zones will be equivalent to “no-fly” zones …

Syrian authorities had previously rejected the US and its allies’ efforts to implement “safe” and “no-fly” zones over their country, but the entire context seems to have changed for them due to Russia’s leading participation in this initiative …

Syria’s acceptance of “de-escalation” zones is … indicative of Damascus tacitly acquiescing to what might inevitably turn out to be the country’s “decentralization” into a checkerboard of quasi-independent “autonomous” or “federalized” units in the coming future. …

…[T]he Syrian case is especially well suited for this outcome because of the governance ‘suggestions’ included in the Russian-writtendraft constitution” unveiled in January.

This document explicitly stipulates that the country should be “decentralized” and that the Kurds be granted the privilege of a vaguely described “cultural autonomy”, with subsequently related ambiguous clauses leaving open the possibility that this model could be replicated all across the country and perhaps even taken to the level of “federalization”. …

It appears to already be a fait accompli that “de-escalation”/”no-fly” zones enforced by UN and/or other “peacekeepers” will lead to the de-facto “decentralization” of the country, therefore pressuring Damascus to institutionalize this state of affairs by agreeing to corresponding constitutional reforms. The model of manipulating “safe” zones and international “peacekeeper” deployments in order to advance a “decentralization” ‘solution’ to the War on Syria isn’t something unique to the latest Astana talks, however, as this idea was originally introduced by the RAND Corporation in February in the third edition of their “Peace Plan For Syria” dealing specifically with “Agreed Zones of Control, Decentralization, and International Administration”.

It therefore looks as though Russia has simply rebranded the RAND Corporation’s proposals and claimed them as Moscow’s own…”

In Korybko’s May 9, 2018 article titled, ‘Why Cry? It’s Great News That Trump Pulled Out Of The Iran Deal!‘ he writes:

On one hand, Russia represents an irreplaceable “pressure valve” for Iran through their new free trade agreement which will provide unparalleled relief during these challenging times, but on the other, any forthcoming “New Détente” between the US and Russia could see Moscow “managing” Tehran as the “good cop” of this “duo”…

Faced with increasing pressure along its western flank (possibly due in part to Russia “convincing” Syria to seek the “phased withdrawal” of the IRGC and Hezbollah…), Iran will have no choice but to reconceptualize its role in Eurasia by pivoting eastward towards Pakistan and Central Asia as it seeks to reorient its grand strategy.

The five multipolar Great Powers of Eurasia – Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey – could deepen their comprehensive integrational connectivity as a result of Tehran’s eastern pivot and Beijing’s New Silk Roads in order to “circle the wagons” out of collective self-interest and thus lay the tangible foundation for building the fabled “Golden Ring” of supercontinental stability.

Persian Nationalist sums it up best in this excerpt from his latest July 7, 2018 article, ‘Truth about the Trump vs Iran Rhetoric‘:

“[T]he Trump Administration, Russia, and Israel all want Iran’s proxy armies out of Syria and back to Iraq to the east of the Euphrates River, while Israel will get the land west of the Euphrates as “Greater Israel”. As a result, Iran will be happily integrated into the One Belt One Road Initiative, and will have its own piece of the pie in China’s New Silk Road, with Jerusalem at its head. This is the Jewish Power Elite’s End Goal for their New World Order. The gradual Soviet era integration of the world into a one world government, under the ruse of “fighting US Imperialism”, which is what Iran’s Press TVRT, and alt-media sites like globalresearch.caVeterans Today, YouTube’s reallygraceful, and many others are promoting.

These talking points are nearly identical to Soviet Premiers Khruschev and Stalin’s talking points. Despite all this innocent rhetoric from Russia, they are engaging in some “imperialism” of their own. Russia was the first country to cash in on the Syrian civil war and sign numerous oil and gas deals of their own in Syria. … These Russian energy companies like Gazprom and Rosneft are all owned by the same Russian Jewish oligarchs from the time of the Soviet Union.

And we all know that the Soviet Union was run by the same New York City Jewish Bolshevik bankers that dominate our country, and who continue to dominate Russia and the United States through their drug money laundering, human trafficking proxy Chabad Lubavitch which surrounds both Putin and Trump, and their Israeli firster allies in key positions of the country. This is the New York, Moscow, Tel Aviv Axis that is leading humanity to its demise, while fooling many that they are humanity’s saviors.”

7 thoughts on “Russia has been integral in helping Israel achieve its goals in Syria

  1. Super important post. This really helps put the pieces together on the Russian involvement in Syria. I still would like to know why you use the word Bolshevik. It doesn’t appear anyone is still a Bolshevik, and what orientation are you suggesting? They are clearly still capitalists.


  2. Lies! All lies! Putin is saving the world! Just because Putin is signing billions in contracts with Israel and working closely with China and Iran does not mean they are all working together on the Belt & Road Initiative to re-shape the Middle East and Eurasia with Greater Israel as the central point of economic, cultural and political life.- even though that is exactly what is happening. I LOVE PUTIN! AMERICA IS EVIL! CHINA ROCKS! BRICS IS GREAT – even though Israel is running the whole thing! I LOVE PUTIN! BAHHHHHHH…S400 gonna kick ass! Putin has a hypersonic penis!

    Now back to the soothing motherhood words of James Corbett and Really Graceful…

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