[The Antedote] Trump. Putin. NATO. Israel. Iran: Remaking the World, One Summit at a Time

via Jeremy Rothe Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast

This week, we begin by discussing Greg’s recent calls to Cspan and the Alex Jones Show as well as Greg’s interview with Adam Green of Know More News which gave an in depth analysis of the Alex Jones call and Jones’ deceptions. We talk about why calling into programs is important. Then we discuss Trumps trip to Europe, focusing on the important summits with NATO and Vladimir Putin (the Putin summit took place after this show was recorded). We then get into the deal which appears to have been struck in which Russia will work to remove Iran from Syria in exchange for Israeli support in the lifting of western sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. We lay out our theories about Syria as well as a shift in global geopolitics away from US hegemony and towards a “Multipolar” world. Jeremy closes by briefly running through some interesting facts regarding the depth of Michael Flynn’s relationship with Russia.

SOURCES https://youtu.be/Eq_g9HxkCtw

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