[The Antedote] 9/11 Truth, QAnon, and how Pre-Scripting Is Used to Discredit Movements

via Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast

This week Greg and Jeremy discuss all of the mainstream coverage of Q Anon, and draw parallels between attempts to identify violence with Q supporters and the media portrayal of the June 2009 Holocaust Museum shooting as the actions of a Holocaust denier and 9/11 truth activist, and how this followed a campaign by members of the Obama administration along with surrogates in the media to demonize 911 truth and “Holocaust Denial” as dangerous and rooted in evil. We close by briefly talking about deceased GOP master strategist Arthur Finkelstein and his key role in “Russiagate” via Trump, Russia, Israel and Hungary.

SOURCES https://youtu.be/Z2jq7l6DOKo

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