via Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of The Antedote Podcast

How do we claim our power of speech and press while supporting the same rights of others without falling for weaponized double-bind decision-tree dialectics? And how do we construct a real electoral system that is not rigged from the get go both inside our minds and inside the machines? This week Greg and Jeremy seek the answers to these questions. We first discuss the cases of Alex Jones and Julian Assange, the challenges these cases provide to freedom of the press, and why it is important to maintain a critical perspective and to not fall into the traps of hero worship and iconography all while uncompromisingly defending freedom of expression and freedom to dissent. We then discuss the rigged nature of elections in general, all the way from the emotional and psychological manipulation which happens throughout an election process to actual physical vote rigging. We close by discussing several articles which prove GOP complicity in recent election fraud, and briefly discuss who may have had the means and motive to physically steal the 2016 election.


One thought on “[The Antedote] The Infowars/Wikileaks Double Bind: Psychological & Physical Rigging of Speech, Press, & Elections

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