via Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of The Antedote Podcast

We begin this extended edition by discussing a list of possible American donors to Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2008 election , and some of the more interesting and significant names on the list, including Ronald Lauder, Leslie Wexner, Tamir Sapir, Leonard Blavatnik, and even Donald Trump. From there we discuss some of the history of SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica, including its growth and evolution, and its connections to Russia. Then we talk about the late Arthur Finkelstein and his decades long career as a very successful strategist and operative for right wing campaigns in the US, Canada, Eastern Europe, and Israel, and his many “kids” who have themselves become political right wing political players. We identify Finkelstein as a key figure in not only the “Russiagate” narrative, but also in the evolution of the global far right political movement throughout the world.

You can find Jon Swinn’s infographics at


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