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Russia is Most definitely part and Parcel to the End Times Prophesy and wants to hasten the process of “immanentizing the eschaton”… I don’t know if it Dyer is aware of what specific End Times Prophesy or “Eschaton” Dugin is trying to actually immanentize. But In Jewish prophesy Esav or Esau “aka White People” are set “tango” with Ya’akov or Jacob “aka Darkies” to bring about one of the many Causes for the “Moshiac” to appear… Realistically speaking Russia is set to profit from the Manufactured immigration crisis by both being the head of a racially based Militarized police force over a 1984 style police state and By posing as the seemingly “Christian” Antithesis to Israeli Zionism that controls the American Empire….this Dialectical Dualism has confused people into not being able to discern who is “good” and who is “Bad”…but if you make that argument a question of “Race” good and bad are analogous to the terms “Black and White” which to me are erroneous terminologies… It’s all a masonic fake act except to the people who don’t realize they’re getting played.

4 thoughts on “[Dante] Jay Dyer Is Wrong About Dugin and Russian East Block Psyop

  1. Alexander Dugin is a degenerate Zio-Bolshevik Jew who hates Europeans and especially Ukrainians — having called for the genocide of the ‘new-generation of Ukrainians’….
    His ilk already committed genocide against Ukranians in the 1930’s, now he wants to slaughter them again ? !!!!!
    Why is he still alive ?
    What kind of idiot would support him, oh yeah, the “useful” kind…..


  2. I guess if one believes in one of the big-3 Abramic religions then this so-called “prophecy” is relevant.
    If not, it’s pure rubbish.
    There will be no race war. Perhaps a clash of cultures.
    In America so-called “whites” outnumber “blacks” 5 to 1 …….
    So that would be a very short race war.
    Even though the term “white” is/was meant to refer to Europeans and their descendants, there are “white” people all throughout Asia and the middle east, ie: Persians, Syrians, Palestinians, Jews, Yazidis etc, etc..
    Dugin is a neo-Bolshevik and promotes genocide against people he doesn’t approve of.
    Sound familiar ?


  3. Dugin is a very dangerous psychopath that actually has influence over Soviet Union 2.0, current Russia for the lay people who do not understand the severity of the hoodwink of the Century. This un-human has very similar ideological ties to Putin ( who is a crypto-Jew) policies “The Russian president, who comes from a Jewish family and converted to the Russian Orthodox religion, plans to reactivate that administrative entity founded by Stalin in 1934” They want to dominate through thought whatever means possible i.e subversion which is a continuum of the psychopath Leninist policy.

    We have not been given the opportunity to critically think and examine what the Marxist cultural ideology is because they have already subverted the West to make it appear like their is no other option apart from this ideology. Russia is the Piped Piper and the West/ the Europeans et al are the “stupid rats” to blindly follow to the wonderful tune that they are promoting themselves through RT (which funnily enough is readily available in the West and everywhere else)

    Unfortunately, I know too many Communists and I will they are highly arrogant with their militant venom on any other ideology. They are proud that so much blood has been split (but never mention this when you are trying to reason with them), the useful idiots (far too many) of the batch can not make simple connections because all they read is Marx/Lenin which in amongst that faux sweet speeches / written work are actually very hateful and have called for continued bloodshed, eliminate ALL genuine opposition and replace them with their own ilk to direct peoples perceptions towards the bosom of a psychopathic ideology. Marx loves Satan, Lenin thought the best thing about the coup (not revolution) the different classes killing each other. He laughed when he was saying this. Dugin is a Bolshevik and a Kabbalist, Putin is a crypto Jew and “former” KGB who is actively lulling the Russian people to sleep only to wake up in the Soviet Union. Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill is a also KGB criminal.

    Dugin would be proud of the current decision the KGB Kirill reading Ukraine. After all, Ukrainians are scum to him.

    Russian Orthodox Church severs ties with Constantinople over Ukraine

    Soviet 2.0 is Piped Piper and will lead us to dystopia, as Brendon O’Connell, puts it, you will freely be able to have sex with animals, children, the level of depravity has no ends. He is right (again) and anyone that has different stance on their political ideas will be eliminated or be sent straight to the Gulags where death will be welcomed. They are not shy with using the most sadistic forms of torture.

    People seriously need to get over worshiping these filthy rich psychopaths that are in it for themselves.


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