Jon Swinn of, and Talpiot Talk contributor, sent some great resources and input worth sharing. I’ve added these articles to the Israel & Russia resources page at

Haaretz 2013: ‘The Million Russians That Changed Israel to Its Core | A new book examines the politics, culture and ultimate impact of the wave of immigrants who arrived in Israel after the collapse of the Soviet Union.’:

[Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak] “Shamir pressured the U.S. State Department to do away with “the ‘refugee’ clause that granted refugee status in the United States to the Jewish emigrants from the Soviet Union.” He also termed that emigration policy “an insult to Israel”: “From October 1989, every Soviet exit visa received by a Jew who sought to emigrate was valid for departure only to Israel.”

Jon Swinn: “Interesting read. Quite a lot of fluff but it clearly says that Shamir pressured the US to stop letting in Soviets forcing the millions of [Russian Jewish migrants] into Israel as a safe haven.”

Arkadi Mazin © 2006 by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Israel Office: ‘Russian Immigrants in Israeli Politics: The Past, the Recent Elections and the Near Future‘:

The Elections in 1996 and the First Successes of Sectoral Politics

The immigrants quickly caught on. The dearth of solutions to their most elemental problems, the increase in Palestinian terror, the growing influence of the Israeli Russian-language press, which then as now was characterized by a clear right wing tilt, and of course, the Soviet imperialist mentality all took their toll: In the 1996 elections, most of the immigrants voted for Netanyahu. Considering the tiny margin by which Netanyahu won, it can be determined with a high degree of certainty that in this case too, it was the Russian immigrants that made the difference. There is no way of knowing how Israeli history and that of the Middle East might have developed differently had Shimon Peres been elected prime minister and continued the policy of dialogue with the Palestinians.”

Persian Nationalist: “Yep, the Russian Jewish immigrants led to the rise of the Likudniks.”

Jon Swinn: “I like this term ‘the Soviet imperialist mindset’. I think that phrase needs to understood. People are so stuck in this left-right mentality. They can’t seem to understand how easily these ‘Soviet’ Jews have flipped alliances seamlessly from ‘left’ to ‘right’.

If you look at the Soviet Jews fighting for the Israeli terrorist groups that founded Israel, they sought alliances with Hitler and Mussolini before settling for pursuing a National Bolshevik agenda.

Then you have the Trotskyite Soviet Jews who founded the neocons. They first pursued taking over the Democratic party then flipped to take over the Republican party once they found an easier path. Then you have these seemingly ‘leftist’ Soviet Jews and others emigrating to Israel that the vast majority go on to support a right wing loon like Netanyahu.”

“Another surprise in these elections was the Yisrael b’Aliya Party, founded by former Prisoner of Zion and chairman of the Zionist Forum Natan Sharansky. Yisrael b’Aliya was a sectoral party par excellence that exploited the immigrants’ feelings of frustration and promised to find solutions to their painful problems. The party’s campaign spoke about the “dignity of the immigration,” of social welfare housing, welfare payments, professional placement for the immigrants and so forth. Yisrael b’Aliya managed to rally numerous celebrated immigrant figures around its banner, thereby fostering its image as a worthy representative of The Big Immigration from the FSU. Among these figures were Yuli Edelstein, Marina Solodkin, Yuri Stern, Roman Bronfman, Michael Nudelman and others. The party swept in with seven Knesset seats and joined the Netanyahu coalition government.”

Jon Swinn: “Natan Sharansky was the ‘refusnik’, the same guy that Richard Perle and Henry Jackson used as a reason to push the initial Jackson-Vanik amendment thru to allow Soviet Jews to infiltrate into the US. Today Natan is a player in this Zionist network. He was accused by the Soviets of feeding information to US intelligence (most likely to this network of ZioCons including Perle, Gaffney etc). The amendment allowed the rise of the Red Mafiya in the US joining with the established organised crime syndicates.

Once this network was established the same happened in Israel with the rise of the Red Mafiya in Israel.

Soviet Imperial mindset – this is a talking point we can bring up. People forget that Russia was an Imperial empire before the Bolshevik revolution. Then it obviously was taken over by the body snatchers and expanded its already huge area of influence over land and resources.

Just think of the area of land under their control yet they still couldn’t make their communist system work with all those resources. Mainly because it was all a trick and con to get Jews to control the country and destroy the Czar’s influence being the wealthiest man in the world.

Then you have the ‘Soviet imperial mindset’ expanding as an empire under the guise of a ‘union’ of socialist countries.”

The Conversation 2018: ‘Russia’s imperial mindset dates back centuries – and it is here to stay

Thank you, Jon!

5 thoughts on “Jon Swinn on understanding the ‘Soviet imperialist’ mindset

  1. This maybe an impossible qn to answer but do you think that Assad has knowledge of Russia’s role or even if Assad is a willing participant ? I think the possibility of Assad being a willing participant is high.

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  2. Brilliant work Jon! It’s refreshing to come across bright people that isolate truth from lies. It’s a great angle re: “it was all a trick and con to get Jews to control the country and destroy the Czar’s influence” that “Jews” have been used (willingly?) to achieve the perfect distraction from going deeper into the rabbit hole. A book I do recommend people that are interest to read A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924
    by Orlando Figes It’s absolutely horrendous what the sicko’s did the the Russian people, and it didn’t start with Stalin, he simply worked with the Leninist mental policies who in turn love Marx who in turn loves Satan. Read Marx poems. This is tragic.

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