Here are some resent mainstream news article excerpts openly laying out multipolarity being driven by Soviet Israel that I and a handful of others have been exposing. My emphasis added.

Israeli soldiers from the Home Front Command Unit gather as they take part in an urban warfare drill
Israeli soldiers from the Home Front Command Unit gather as they take part in an urban warfare drill inside a mock village at Tze’elim army base in Israel’s Negev Desert June 11, 2017. Picture taken June 11, 2017. . (photo credit: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS)

Jerusalem Post 9/13/2018: IDF’s Home Front Command to train Chinese troops in emergency rescue | Home Front Command has trained with international partners for years, including Indiana’s National Guard.

“After six years of training with United States National Guard troops in Indiana, Israel’s Home Front Command may soon be on its way to China to train troops in emergency rescue scenarios.

“The plan is to put the Home Front Command in other places and not just the US,” Col. Dr. Olga Polyakov, chief surgeon of the Home Front Command told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

“We just got the invite to go to China, and we are now starting to plan for it,” she said, explaining that troops will most likely teach the Chinese how to deal with emergency scenarios like earthquakes.

The Home Front Command’s medical department is unique in that it has twin roles. It is responsible for providing medical treatment to all troops in the command, and as well is responsible for preparing all civilian medical centers in the country for emergency scenarios including war.

Earthquake-prone China recently installed an Israeli-made earthquake prediction system which measures the ground 500 times per second, processing it in real-time and alerting control centers to warn civilians when an earthquake is detected. To minimize infrastructure damage, the system can order the closure of gas pipelines, power turbines and petrochemical plants, and halt rail traffic.”

Kill switch diplomacy, anyone?

Image result for Analysis Israel Is Giving China the Keys to Its Largest Port – and the U.S. Navy May Abandon Israel

Haaretz 9/15/2018: Israel Is Giving China the Keys to Its Largest Port – and the U.S. Navy May Abandon Israel | China will operate Haifa port, near Israel’s alleged nuclear-armed submarines, and it seems no one in Israel thought about the strategic ramifications

“Shaul Horev dropped a bombshell, but hardly anyone noticed. Horev, an Israel Defense Forces reservist brigadier general who has served, among other posts, as the navy chief of staff and chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, is currently director of the Research Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy at the University of Haifa. At the end of August, the center held a conference, to which participants from the United States were invited, to examine security issues relating to Israel and the Mediterranean region.

In an interview with the religious-Zionist media outlet Arutz Sheva, Prof. Horev noted that one topic that came up at the event was Chinese investments in Mediterranean ports, and in Israel in particular. Pointing out that a Chinese company will soon start operating Haifa Port

“When China acquires ports,” Horev said, “it does so under the guise of maintaining a trade route from the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal to Europe, such as the port of Piraeus in Greece. Does an economic horizon like this have a security impact? We are not weighing that possibility sufficiently. One of the senior American figures at the conference raised the question of whether the U.S. Sixth Fleet can see Haifa as a home port. In light of the Chinese takeover, the question is no longer on the agenda.”…

The Haifa conference was held in conjunction with the conservative Washington-based Hudson Institute. Several of the American participants were former senior Pentagon and navy personnel. The remarks of the senior figure Horev quoted were sharper than the polite tone he used. The Americans who were at the conference think Israel lost its mind when it gave the Chinese the keys to Haifa Port. Once China is in the picture, they said, the Israel Navy will not be able to count on maintaining the close relations it has had with the Sixth Fleet.

The Chinese company SIPG won the bid to expand the Haifa Port three and a half years ago. The project is slated to be inaugurated in 2021 and calls for the Chinese company, which also operates the Port of Shanghai, to run the Haifa Port for 25 years. Another Chinese firm won the bid to build a new port at Ashdod.

The problem lies not only in the implications that ties with the Chinese have for Israel’s relations with the United States, which under the Trump administration is ramping up its rhetoric on China because of the trade wars and tensions in the China Sea.

The civilian port in Haifa abuts the exit route from the adjacent navy base, where the Israeli submarine fleet is stationed (and which, according to foreign media reports, maintains a second-strike capability to launch nuclear missiles). As with Chinese involvement in other huge Israeli infrastructure projects – such as the Mount Carmel tunnels and the light-rail train in Tel Aviv – it seems as though no one involved in the security or diplomatic arenas even stopped to think through the strategic consequences of these moves.

China is acquiring vast influence over essential infrastructures in Israel and, indirectly, also a closer look at some of Israel’s military capabilities.

Oh, so no one involved in the security or diplomatic arenas thought it through? Please. This has been planned out long in advance. See

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (center) speaks with chief rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar (left) and head of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda (right) in Moscow on April 14, 2014.

RawStory 9/14/18: Here are 5 shady ways Trump, Israel and Russia are colluding on the world stage

In the latest bizarre twist in the Paul Manafort saga, the Guardian reports that Manafort may have conspired with an Israeli official to manipulate members of the Obama administration into supporting Viktor Yanukovych over Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine, and link the latter to anti-Semitism. Yanukovych was Russia’s chosen candidate.

Manafort reportedly bragged about his media connections. “I have someone pushing it on the NYPost. Bada bing bada boom.”

That’s not the first time the government of Israel has surprisingly popped up during the Russia probe, investigations into President Donald Trump and his associates and White House policy on a number of issues. It should be noted that whatever Israel’s role has been in propping up Donald Trump, it’s fairly shocking, given that the Trump campaign was arguably propelled by white nationalists

1. As Bashar al-Assad moves to consolidate power in Syria, the US, Russia and Israel seem united in their efforts to throw Hezbollah, a proxy of Iran, out of the conflict. In mid-August, Secretary of State John Bolton told ABC that the three countries are united in this goal.

3. During the President’s much derided one-on-one talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump assured the world that the security of Israel is a priority for both Russia and the United States. …

4. In “House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia” the writer Craig Unger writes about how up to 59 Russian oligarchs have been cultivating Donald Trump and his associates for years, through such means as New York’s unregulated real estate industry.

As the Times of Israel has pointed out, many of these wealthy Russian business-people also have ties to Israel.

5. So far, the President has made good on his promise to prioritize the interests of the current Israeli government.

It’s not a surprise when Trump flouts international norms. But his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem sparked furor around the world and led to deadly protests by Palestinians.

The administration dismissed the demonstrations, in which multiple civilians were killed, as “unfortunate propaganda,” the New York Times reported.

Regarding the above Manafort saga, Jon Swinn pointed out that they did the same thing to Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Regarding Syria, please see the recent article Russia has been integral in helping Israel achieve its goals in Syria and the Israel & Russia resources at

Chabad hasid

Arutz Sheva 9/13/18: Tel Aviv residents versus Chabad hasidim | Residents of northern Tel Aviv demand their neighbors refuse to sell, rent, to Chabad hasidim.

“A local newsletter, Hamahadura Hamerkazit, published a demand from residents of northern Tel Aviv that their neighbors not sell or rent apartments to Chabad hasidim.”

It’s pretty telling that most Israeli Jews in northern Tel Aviv don’t want to live with the lunatic messaniac supremacist cult that is Chabad-Lubavitch. It’s still frightening that Chabad wields so much influence, especially with Trump and Putin.

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