via Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast

This week we discuss QAnon and lay out evidence which points to the possibility that it is run by military intelligence close to general Michael Flynn, including Ezra Cohen Watnick. Then we discuss Brett Kavanaugh and some of the important factors related to his Supreme Court nomination which are not being discussed by either the mainstream as well as a majority of the “alternative” media.


One thought on “[The Antedote] Will The Real QAnon Please Stand Up? And Why We Say NO to Kavanaugh

  1. What about Christine Blasey Ford’s deep-state background – her grandfather, father and brother, and her present position at Stanford University as head of a CIA undergraduate entry-level program, her knowledge and utilization of UKUltra mind control techniques, and her husband’s position at a pharmaceutical company that specializes in mind-altering drugs? What about it — her specializing in the effects of psychopharmaceu-ticals on children? What about it?


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