The following is from Andrew Korybko, who works for Kremlin funded Sputnik International.


Everyone should read this very important report by one of Russia’s top think tanks, the government-funded Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), which is known for its leading role in formulating the Kremlin’s foreign policy:

“Israel has been an unofficial ally of Moscow in the Middle East since 1991, when diplomatic relations between the USSR and Israel were restored, having been severed following the Six-Day War in 1967.

Israel has made it clear that it views Moscow, and not Washington, as the side that is capable of preventing the conflict with Tehran from turning into a full-scale war.

Just like the Sunni-majority countries in the region, Israel was counting on the Russian military presence to contain, and control, Bashar al-Assad and, more importantly, Iran.

Moscow understands the risks associated with Damascus becoming directly involved in the confrontation between Iran and Israel in Syria.

Former Minister of Defence of Israel Moshe Ya’alon confirmed that, since an emergency channel of communication between the Khmeimim Air Base and the Kiriya Command Centre in Tel Aviv was set up in 2015, Israel has not had to inform Moscow about forthcoming operations, since Russia independently identified Israeli fighter jets and did not consider it necessary to interfere in their operations.

Russian fighter jets avoid violating the airspace of Golan Heights, de facto recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the region.

The terms of the agreement between Russia and Israel on Iran have also not been disclosed.

Russia stands to benefit from the weakening of Tehran’s military positions in Syria, as it is a clear obstacle to a peaceful settlement, creating the illusion in Damascus that the military option for resolving the conflict remains open. However, Russia has very few political levers to enact such a recalibration of Iran’s position in Syria. Tehran has already stated that no one has the right to demand Iran’s withdrawal from Syria. Therefore, the Israeli campaign to prevent Iranian forces from taking root in Syria actually benefits Russia too, as long as it does not look like an open provocation.

By withdrawing Shiite forces from the line of mutual disengagement of forces, Russia has been able to guarantee the security of Israel’s borders in the medium term.

Israel’s campaign to consistently undermine Iran’s military capabilities on the ground and weaken its influence partly fulfils the functions that Russia would like to take on itself but cannot for political reasons.

To minimize the conflict potential between Iran and Israel “on the ground,” Russia will have to comprehensively review the modality of the pro-Iranian forces’ presence in Syria. Presence of pro-Iranian armed units in the country is an issue whose solution will be part of the political settlement and is likely to become an element in the security sector reform. Given the deep-rooted Iranian influence, primarily in the military sphere, one of Russia’s main tasks in Syria will be the reform of the security sector.

Russia has had experience in instituting the 5th Assault Corps, which is not formed on the basis of ethnic, religious or geographical principles and became an attempt to reduce the Iranian influence over the Syrian Army.

Given the position recently proclaimed by one of Israeli’s ministers that “Lebanon equals Hezbollah”, it now appears that Moscow should confine itself to discussing Hezbollah in the context of the Syrian conflict and avoid talk- ing about the organization’s role in Lebanon, although attempts have been made to do this by the Israeli side.

Strategically, right now, for Russia, the focus on Israel–Syria settlement is both feasible and promising, as it is the most achievable task and could help Moscow prove itself as a broker. Building trust between the leaders of Israel and Syria serves the interests of both sides and also partially limits Tehran’s influence in Syria, which Bashar al-Assad may seek in the post-conflict period.”

‘Russia and Israel: The Middle Eastern Vector of Relations’

2 thoughts on ““Kremlin Think Tank Urges Putin To Contain Iran In Syria, Broker Syrian-Israeli Peace ASAP”

  1. This reads like a limited hangout analysis. Syria, Iran, Israel, Russia, the US, China, entire GCC, and frankly every nation on this planet now is tightly controlled by the same pyramid cap that created Israel and all of the tentacles that have sprang from it and the central banks. Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the psy op showman of the century, had a close working relationship with Assad for many years during his time in the US State Department. Rami Makhlouf, the wealthiest billionaire Syrian, Assad’s cousin and the keeper of the Assad clan fortune, who controls 60% of Syria’s economy, has had close dealings with the likes of Goldman Sachs, AIG, and Bank of America years before the conflict erupted. Makhlouf’s family has been safely ensconced in their villas in Dubai living in luxury as his son drives around in his red Ferrari. The $350 billion rebuild of war torn Syria has already been earmarked to foreign multinationals, the infrastructure slated to be privatized, like all nations on the planet now being shoved into aggressive privatization = NWO economic “interdependence” to prepare for regionalism and pyramid cap deep capture of ALL resources on the planet. The privatization law Assad signed that is being used now was signed in 2016 and drafted six years earlier suggesting foreknowledge. When jihadis trained and supported by western intelligence agencies and Mossad toppled the governments in Iraq and Libya and were anticipated to target Syria next, why was no attempt made to create a virtually impenetrable bulwark guarding Syria’s borders using the very capable militaries of Syria, Russia, and Iran? Once the invasion began only half hearted measures were taken to rout out the invaders. Syria had to be set up a long time ago as a staging ground for Operation Cyclone 2.0 (the creation of ISIS) and the location of an intense Kabuki theater “strategy of tension” focal point to distract humanity from the march of a tightly integrated global totalitarian digital control grid – NWO Technocracy (aka Brzezinki’s Technotronic Era). Russia is fully implementing all aspects of UN Agenda 2030 (termed Strategy 2030 in RU) the biggest NWO Trojan horse to date.


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