I’d like to officially unveil the logo and name of the new initiative we’re hoping to launch by the end of the year. It’s called Securing Our Interests, which encompasses what we’re trying to do. More details to come. But for now, here’s the logo Jon Swinn has produced for free. With that said, I’d like to request people donate to Jon’s efforts at his PayPal at jetswinn@hotmail.co.uk.

Jon also has two new articles on his site that we highly recommend. And please see Jon’s infographics at talpiottalk.com/infographics that expose the Israel networks that are negatively affecting all of us.

Mizel and the pro-Jewish Mafia | Larry is the Director of The Republican Jewish Coalition. The RJC Is “a big money pro-Israel lobby group linking Jewish-American neoconservatives to the Christian Right and Israel’s Likud government. The organisation was originally founded in 1985 by Max Fisher (Mega Jew) as the National Jewish Coalition “to be a permanent Jewish presence in the Republican community and a credible Republican presence in the Jewish community,” its website states. The RJC is “the sole voice of Jewish Republicans to Republican decision makers and the Jewish community. The group are committed to building a strong, effective and respected Jewish Republican voice in Washington and across the country.” So essentially the RJC was set up by wealthy Jewish Republican donors to control the views, opinions and narratives of Jewish Republicans across the entire United States from the top down consolidating the power of the Jewish lobby. https://theworldneedsthisman.blogspot.com/2018/10/mizel-and-pro-jewish-mafia.html

Larry Mizel and the ADL HUD Fraud | A major segment of the HUD fraud was centered in the Denver area and committed by a group of closely related people and companies, who had close ties to the Reagan and Bush administrations. Numerous HUD officials left government to work for the Denver group that defrauded the American people of billions of dollars, much of which is hidden away in either offshore financial institutions or in secret locations throughout the United States. Philip Winn was one of the kingpins in the Denver group. He was a former HUD Assistant Secretary who joined the MDC group in Denver and became a key player in the HUD and savings and loan scandals. https://theworldneedsthisman.blogspot.com/2018/10/larry-mizel-and-adl-hud-fraud.html

Once again, please support Jon’s work via his PayPal at jetswinn@hotmail.co.uk.

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