The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world

To better understand the Duginist geopolitical plan and strategy to create a Eurasian empire under the control of the Jewish/Russian mafia, you can read the book free at the link below. Download versions are also freely available.

Trump and the Kosher-Meat Criminal Rubashkin

This video gets into information involving President Trump pardoning Chabad icon Sholom Rubashkin. A look into the mechanism and pressure groups exposes the astounding political power of Chabad Lubavitch within the United States.

New! (Commercial Free) Mike Herzog & Brendon O’Connell – The American Awakening 6th July 2018

(Commercial free) The American Awakening with Michael Herzog and Friday Co-host Brendon O'Connell discuss further the relationship between Israel and Russia and the impacts on the United States and geopolitics in the region. Brendan talks about his journey and experiences, frustrations with alternative media, truth movement and even Talpiot Talk. The American Awakening website - … Continue reading New! (Commercial Free) Mike Herzog & Brendon O’Connell – The American Awakening 6th July 2018

The Mayor, The Mafia & The Mukaseys

Jon Swinn of and discussed his research and latest revelations around Cambridge Analytica and the Israeli and Russian connections. The long history of Michael Mukasey is explored and his relationship with Rudy Giuliani and how his son Marc is connected in all of this. The role of the former two are explored in … Continue reading The Mayor, The Mafia & The Mukaseys

General Mattis and the Jewish Lobby

In this video a shot voiced Jon Swinn discusses the Jewish lobby's relationship with General Jim Mattis in regards to comments made by Brendon O'Connell on recent interviews. You can listen to Brendon's interviews full of great information and commercial free here - Rodney Stich - Defrauding America - HUD Scandal - The … Continue reading General Mattis and the Jewish Lobby

Brendon O’Connell & Mike Herzog on New York – Tel-Aviv – Moscow Axis from 18th June (Commercial Free)

The American Awakening with Brendon O'Connell & Mike Herzog discussing the New York - Tel Aviv - Moscow Axis. Recorded on 18th June. Commercial Free. Joseph Davis website - Talpiot Talk website - The American Awakening website - Jon Swinn's website -