[The Antedote] The Infowars/Wikileaks Double Bind: Psychological & Physical Rigging of Speech, Press, & Elections

via Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of The Antedote Podcast How do we claim our power of speech and press while supporting the same rights of others without falling for weaponized double-bind decision-tree dialectics? And how do we construct a real electoral system that is not rigged from the get go both inside our minds and inside the machines? This week Greg and Jeremy seek the answers to these questions. We first discuss the cases of Alex Jones and Julian Assange, the challenges these cases provide to freedom of the press, and why it is important to maintain a critical perspective and to not fall into the traps of hero worship and iconography all while uncompromisingly defending freedom of expression and freedom to dissent. We then discuss the rigged nature of elections in general, all the way from the emotional and psychological manipulation which happens throughout an election process to actual physical vote rigging. We close by discussing several articles which prove GOP complicity in recent election fraud, and briefly discuss who may have had the means and motive to physically steal the 2016 election.

[The Antedote] Finky & The Kids: Arthur Finkelstein & The ZioRussoHungarian Fake Right Nexus

via Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of The Antedote Podcast We begin this extended edition by discussing a list of possible American donors to Benjamin Netanyahu's 2008 election , and some of the more interesting and significant names on the list, including Ronald Lauder, Leslie Wexner, Tamir Sapir, Leonard Blavatnik, and even Donald Trump. From there we discuss some of the history of SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica, including its growth and evolution, and its connections to Russia. Then we talk about the late Arthur Finkelstein and his decades long career as a very successful strategist and operative for right wing campaigns in the US, Canada, Eastern Europe, and Israel, and his many "kids" who have themselves become political right wing political players. We identify Finkelstein as a key figure in not only the "Russiagate" narrative, but also in the evolution of the global far right political movement throughout the world.

[Antedote Excerpt] 1979 & Multipolarity: Talpiot, Jerusalem Conference, Iranian Revolution, Shaul Eisenberg & China, Yossef Bodansky & JINSA, Jonathan Pollard & Soviet Israel Cell, US Recognizes China

The following is a brief excerpt from a two part Antedote podcast series via Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel with guest James Perloff. This specific excerpt examines some interesting events in 1979 that have been pivotal in facilitating Israel's multipolar world order shift.

[Persian Nationalist] History of Israeli Tech Domination | Israel has violated US law by re-exporting US military technology to China, yet they have never beared any consequences.

With all this documented evidence of Israel reverse engineering US technology to build up its own tech firms with Israeli military intelligence people through the Talpiot Program and Unit 8200, most alt-media personalities still never mention it. Guys like James Corbett, Ryan Dawson, and even Johnny Gat, who does good work, are silent on this issue. Israel is the MAIN reason why China is a high tech super power. China got all its military technology from Israel. Israel has violated US law by re-exporting US military technology to China, yet they have never beared any consequences. For example, in the 1990s, Israel supplied China with Python III Missiles, which utilized US developed technology for Sidewinder Missiles. This rightfully outraged the lower levels of the US military, who have been slowly ramping up pressure against Israel and doing some damage. For example, in 2013, "a top Israeli defense official was forced to step down after the United States expressed fury at Israel's decision to sell military equipment to China." Also in 2013, the U.S. military was reportedly concerned that, "the technology could ultimately find it way to Iran." It's out in the open, yet people still think that Iran is Israel's arch enemy.