The Antedote Podcast | Mercenary for Hire: The Key Role of Erik Prince in all things R̶u̶s̶s̶i̶a̶ Israel Gate

via Jeremy Rothe Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast

On this week’s Antedote, we talk about the new head of Trump’s Intelligence Board, Cerberus and Dyncorp owner Stephen Feinberg, and his advocacy for using private armies to fulfill foreign policy goals. Then we discuss some of the players involved in the Mueller team’s questioning of Israelis in relation to the “Russia” investigation. We close by discussing the key role of Erik Prince within virtually all of the networks that helped to ensure the election of Trump, and how understanding Prince is important when it comes to the overall global agenda of the Trump presidency.


The Antedote Podcast: The Iran Deal, The Jerusalem Embassy Move, and the Not So Hidden Hands Behind Trump

via Jeremy Rothe Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast

The Antedote is back for the first time in a month with a new episode, and back in a big way! We begin by giving an update on Jeremy’s KC Library court case, media misrepresentation, and the ramifications. Then we discuss Trump’s decisions to leave the Iran Nuclear Deal and the official moving of the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, focusing on how the hard-right wing religious Zionist community in both Israel and the US supported Trump’s presidential campaign for these reasons and how the failure of the “alternative” media to expose this has led to the current situation. We close out by talking about how the Trump administration is moving away from the “soft power” approach of previous administrations in favor of a hard line approach to all things related to Israel, and why the removal of “moderate” voices from the administration is cause for major concern.

Time Stamps

KC Library Court Case- Start-36:40
Iran, Jerusalem- 36:40-Close


Talpiot Talk #7: Rise of White Nationalists?, Politics & More

Brendon O’Connell, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Joseph Davis and Greg McCarron discuss the possible rise of managed “white nationalists,” including politicians, politics and more.


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The Antedote Podcast: The Iran Deal, The Jerusalem Embassy Move, and the Not So Hidden Hands Behind Trump

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“At a minimum, Mr. Karlweis concludes that “we will need a full reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act [partially repealed in 1999], which made it impossible for a single legal entity to conduct or control all types of financial business.” This means institutions that receive deposits from the public must be clearly prohibited from speculating on their own behalf with the money of their depositors.”

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NATO and World Security By 

Either Glenn is knowingly lying or he is so immersed in Putin worship to the point that he is completely out of touch with reality.

Via an email exchange with Greg McCarron:

Interesting, Giraldi’s claim to Mark Glenn that Israel hates the FBI and CIA hence why Trump is going after them so hard. I have for a while now gotten the impression that this is all part of a war within various competing power circles which has escalated to the point where it is playing out publicly more than ever before. I have no doubts that Israel doesn’t like certain aspects of the FBI and Intel community, primarily those elements that do not put Israel first. I think the same is true on a much larger scale, and I think we are seeing a war for control playing out before our eyes, between the US/Western Neoliberal establishment which has been in place since the end of ww2, and a hardline right wing faction led by Russia and Israel which is influencing American and European politics and which I think culminated with Trump. It’s no mistake that Rudy Giuliani and Erik Prince were key players in the NYPD/FBI reopening of the Clinton investigation just days before the election, all while “Conceived in Israel” Breitbart and increasingly Zionist Infowars led the propaganda charge, and Cambridge Analytica being used to psychologically manipulate voters. I don’t know what Giraldi’s motivation is in portraying everyone as being opposed to Trump if this is what he actually expressed to Glenn. I do know that Robert David Steele claims the same thing and that I do NOT trust him. Either Glenn is knowingly lying or he is so immersed in Putin worship to the point that he is completely out of touch with reality.

Just my two cents.

[Greg McCarron]

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