[The Antedote] From 9/11 to 11/9 part 3: Connecting the Israeli American and Russian Dots

via Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast This week we continue our series 'From 911 to 11/9 and continue to tie the 9/11 operation to both Israel and Russia as well as to the Trump administration via important figures such as Maurice 'Hank Greenberg. Jeremy then covers a few of the more overlooked but very important aspects of the 911 operation. We close by beginning a discussion about a recent Newsweek article pinning 9/11 on Saudi Arabia, a topic we will continue discussion of on our next show.

[The Antedote] Linking Donald Trump to Likely 911 Suspects, and Israeli Hands All Over Patsy Hijackers

via Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast This week Greg and Jeremy begin by discussing Donald Trump being listed by Benjamin Netanyahu as a possible American donor to his campaign for Prime Minister as well as his commercial endorsing Netanyahu, and then talk about the common links between Trump, Netanyahu, and the people who organized the financial transaction which gave Larry Silverstein control of the World Trade Center towers. Jeremy then reads an excellent article by Wayne Madsen detailing the predominant role of Israel's Mossad in setting up the 9/11 patsy hijackers, with commentary added.

[The Antedote] From 9/11 to 11/9 (Part 1): Counter-Intel Horseshoes and ‘Russiagate’ Blindspots

via Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast This week Greg and Jeremy discuss how 'Russiagate' relates to the ongoing September 11th coverup, and how understanding the depths of and ramifications of Donald Trump's lifelong personal and business relationships with a virtual who's who of Russian, American and Israeli financial, industrial, and governmental powerhouses all apparently tied together by the global Jewish mob actually helps to shed light on the motivations of those who had the means and motive to actually cause the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11. We discuss how the blind spots of some journalists and commentators to the real depths of "Russiagate" might be related to the ongoing 9/11 coverup.

[The Antedote] Police Actors & Lifetime Directors: Spike Lee Deceptions and David Duke Apologetics

via Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast This week Greg and Jeremy discuss a recent article by music artist and filmmaker Boots Riley concerning the new film BlacKKKlansman by Spike Lee. We analyze the valid critiques raised by Riley as well as areas that Riley does not get into, particularly the history of the Ku Klux Klan as an extension of the B'Nai B'Rith and the Anti Defamation League, as well as its most famous leader, David Duke.

[The Antedote] The Infowars/Wikileaks Double Bind: Psychological & Physical Rigging of Speech, Press, & Elections

via Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of The Antedote Podcast How do we claim our power of speech and press while supporting the same rights of others without falling for weaponized double-bind decision-tree dialectics? And how do we construct a real electoral system that is not rigged from the get go both inside our minds and inside the machines? This week Greg and Jeremy seek the answers to these questions. We first discuss the cases of Alex Jones and Julian Assange, the challenges these cases provide to freedom of the press, and why it is important to maintain a critical perspective and to not fall into the traps of hero worship and iconography all while uncompromisingly defending freedom of expression and freedom to dissent. We then discuss the rigged nature of elections in general, all the way from the emotional and psychological manipulation which happens throughout an election process to actual physical vote rigging. We close by discussing several articles which prove GOP complicity in recent election fraud, and briefly discuss who may have had the means and motive to physically steal the 2016 election.

[The Antedote] Finky & The Kids: Arthur Finkelstein & The ZioRussoHungarian Fake Right Nexus

via Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of The Antedote Podcast We begin this extended edition by discussing a list of possible American donors to Benjamin Netanyahu's 2008 election , and some of the more interesting and significant names on the list, including Ronald Lauder, Leslie Wexner, Tamir Sapir, Leonard Blavatnik, and even Donald Trump. From there we discuss some of the history of SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica, including its growth and evolution, and its connections to Russia. Then we talk about the late Arthur Finkelstein and his decades long career as a very successful strategist and operative for right wing campaigns in the US, Canada, Eastern Europe, and Israel, and his many "kids" who have themselves become political right wing political players. We identify Finkelstein as a key figure in not only the "Russiagate" narrative, but also in the evolution of the global far right political movement throughout the world.