[The Antedote] Brexit. The Mob. Epstein: The Trump Investigation Heats up on Multiple Fronts

via Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Greg McCarron of The Antedote Podcast

This week we analyse how the investigation into Trump and election collusion is heating up on multiple levels, including some of the main figures behind Brexit, which is becoming a key part of the investigation. Then we look into Trumps long standing close ties to the global Russian mafia, and why it matters so much. We close by discussing a Wayne Madsen article detailing the alleged rape of two underage girls by Trump and Jeffrey Epstein in 1994, and ponder why this continues to receive almost zero coverage.

Robert Maxwell, Promisgate, and the advent of the Israeli cybersecurity industry

by Shayan Zarrin

A key player in Soviet/Israeli espionage for decades to come was Robert Maxwell, real name, Jan Ludvik Hoch. Maxwell began his career as an interrogation officer for the British army at the Bad Salzuflen Headquarters in the British occupied zone of Germany right after World War 2, where he was interrogating German scientists. Maxwell would spend a considerable amount of time in the Russian sector of occupied Germany, which made British and American intelligence question his loyalty. According to the book, “KGB: Death and Rebirth” by author Martin Ebon, Robert Maxwell’s biographer, Tom Bower says that he was told by Detlev Raymond, an employee of Maxwell in New York that, “Maxwell’s relations with the Russians and the KGB were not were “not simply social.” Raymond asserted that, “either willingly or unwillingly, Maxwell compromised himself with the Russians.” He cited a “KGB claim” that Maxwell “signed a document which promised to assist the security agency if needed.”