New Jon Swinn Articles & New Initiative Logo | Please support Jon’s work.

I'd like to officially unveil the logo and name of the new initiative we're hoping to launch by the end of the year. It's called Securing Our Interests, which encompasses what we're trying to do. More details to come. But for now, here's the logo Jon Swinn has produced for free. With that said, I'd like to request people donate to Jon's efforts at his PayPal at [email protected]   Jon also has two new articles on his site that we highly recommend. And please see Jon's infographics at that expose the Israel networks that are negatively affecting all of us.

Take Action | Please use this letter template to reach out to US officials and media regarding Israel’s burgeoning relationship with communist China

The following is what I'm personally writing to my representatives and US national media outlets. Please update as you see fit and do the same. Thank you. As a special thanks to our partner Earthmine, you can try here to save some money on your phone plan while supporting the cause.